Stay security hole to enter the park. My Dinh has been in existence for over 10 years


Stay in My Dinh Stadium to see Vietnam vs Malaysia without tickets! Performed by: Team Sport Reporter5

The match against Malaysia's Malaysia in My Dinh ended with 3 sweet points for the parent of Hang Seo Park. But outside the big stage is full of a story about how the NHM is showing a love on her; underground tickets.

Just about 300,000 VND / person, the audience to their garden but tickets are not easy to be a "process" to the platform without fear of security. Someone went through the side gate, Sports Hospital – where the fingers are. Some will go with a & # 39; the public by adding "something like money" in the hands of security guardians. And so, it was easy to get in without purchasing tickets, and many others had to be cured up the previous night, or, Millions for black market tickets.

How long have misconduct been supported?

However, this is not the first time this problem happened. Share with, Vietnamese football experts – Mr Nguyen Tien Cuong said that this was a long story and was the same experience.

"I know it was from the 2003-2005 series, it was only the opening day, one of the leaders, the 2007 Asian Cup and the next thing, not buying of the tickets, Cuong is divided.

According to Queen Canh divided by Sport5, this is the story he saw in South East Asia 2014 U19 – the league made by Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong … his first competition in My Dinh.

"This has been around for many years now, and I've been watching the U19 for a while, and there are security guards who are human orientation. interesting openness.

The story about Cuong and Canh has long been telling, there is no evidence that the VFF has said it was "very cold". However, these two stories give VFF alive evidence of the review of the My Dinh security force's work process.

Fan security hole for entering My Dinh playground for over 10 years - Picture 2.

Loans pay for "real ticket".

"Thank you for protecting them for the real value of the tickets," said the N.T reader on the help page. Reading the line of ideas, the writer suddenly thought about the story he heard in the report. Young men are in front of the keepers of the tickets that still stand as guardians with the simple "back door" that lived in; his throne.

And this young man is not the only one. To this right, NN decided to forget the forgotten experience when he visited Vietnam, "Tickets to the garden, which stand nearly 1 hour to a queue and that to sit down here. The lines will burn, the sense of contamination. This person is lucky than the young person is standing before me that night, because at least he was "a & # 39; sit in the wrong place ".

The story is: Ever since the initiative began to "steal one's chair to the other" was again honored as a warrior?

Which food tickets, pirated tickets, which face the VFF problem, at the highest levels. It is the responsibility of the security to ensure safety as long as they are; play, and do not play as a "Robinhood" of My Myh stop. Many people think that a "warrior" had said it was difficult that the "Robinhood" is whether the money is enough to pay.

The effects are identical

According to reports from, journalist Truong Anh Ngoc has commented on this, "Video of Sport5 shows a security hole in My Dinh, with the protection created. The president of the National Assembly will look at the bad people who carry spreads through this line.

I think that – in the hundreds, thousands of social ideas are still going on; trying to defend "Robinhood", I still think it's. Prior to their game, Vietnam Phone warned that a fine would be done badly or worse than a neutral park, without an auditor; went to continuation of flares. Still, at least a couple of installments were burned in the match against Malaysia. Where does everyone come to the garden through a tight security scanner to find any dangerous items?

Safety of a fan van to enter the park My Dinh has been in existence for over 10 years - Picture 3.

Who makes sure that these people are really football players?

Who makes sure that these people are really football players? The writer was not sure, just in the immersion process, we have moved the trot to the field without any security "we asked".

What went into the garden and the crowd with over 40,000 a day, what does it flow there? The light was light, because at least it was just financial. But if a bad man as journalist Truong Anh Ngoc says, our "Robinhood" networks can not stand.

But they are still crying, saying that the crowd is very funny …

The potential of My Dinh's stadium is about 40 miles. But the real number must be far bigger than yesterday. Terrorists are not required, if the garden is reduced, the "fall of the air" accident can not be avoided.

Safety of a fan van to enter the park My Dinh has been over 10 years ago - Picture 4.

In this way, My Dinh is one day to come to Hillsborough.

You may not have forgotten the Hillsborough crash that took place in a FA Cup between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on April 15, 1989. The traffic is before many of the Liverpool yesterday's fans come far. However, the entrance to the platform is too small and too small. The sheriff asked for the opening of the Gate C at Leppings for the NHM. After that, two thousand spectators had been pressed into the field, causing the blame to fall. Thousands of people were turned together and as a result, 96 people were killed.

The story in My Dinh on that day, to hear from you, has seen many things. So if the Hillsborough disaster is not a My Dinh, the first person who is a supporter, security security or reporter like us?

That answer, there may be everyone in their heart.

In the Sport5 Report, it is a small thing among the other remote walks around her; dance. But more importantly there should be people who want to stand up and tell the truth. This may not be the team of Sport5 recitals but you – Vietnam fans. Let's not let our beautiful images survive with a lovely "unpleasant" football.

In the end, a beautiful complaint can not be true …

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