Steenhuisen: No step needed to be seen through EFF smash screen


"You do not have to take a step to see the EFF for the posterity: anguish that hurts from poverty and poverty," said DA Steward leader John Steenhuisen.

Steenhuisen, who has no degree, has been a major issue of attraction with EFF members on social media after the weekend said that the DA in the KwaZulu-Natal legislation proposed a rule to the Commission Non-independent for the Public Office on Wardens' Salaries, that people with measures should be chieftains, which Steenhuisen would return to the backbacks.

The National Assembly debated a National Qualification Change Bill, which prevents people from being able to; represent their qualifications.

Despite the fact that he did not have a & # 39; Attendance to the Air Education Committee on Higher Education, who was working on his / her; Bill, Steenhuisen took part in the debate, saying that the Constitution does not require MPs to take steps.

Steenhuisen started saying "members of the House were learned" that he would not give a speech.

Instead, he attacked the EFF.

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"How cold it is to see the EFF, the name that is designated as a work class, requires legal permission."

EFF MP Veronica Mente raised an order point.

Last form of trigger & # 39;

"That's a very foul! That's the DA's situation in KwaZulu-Natal. You have to quit the EFF," shout it.

DA MP stated that this was not an order point.

"I said a bit of order! You have to go back to school!" she continued.

Thoko's ruler of the House of Thieves Didiza regret: "Without a discussion point, it's not an order point."

Lean Steenhuisen found that this is the "type of spin-off" for the EFF for "playing clothes" as middle-class workers and domestic workers, but does not want to represent them in the Parliament.

He said he never did he had a degree. He recorded for BA in politics and the law, but due to financial pressure and work he did not finish it.

He said he wanted to attend his & her; public and was a councilor at 22 years.

"I have never used my position to stretch my own pockets," he said.

You must go back to school & # 39;

Steenhuisen said that the EFF attacks, the Minister of Public Prints, Pravin Gordhan and journalists like smokes screens to "unravel their party's pollution".

"EFF knows that this is bitter for their banner. They're tough."

Again, Mente jumped, saying that Steenhuisen was to pronounce the EFF's leadership.

"You have to go back to school! The leaders of this party will sit in this Parliament," she said, saying that the piers are empty where the headquarters are, President EFF, Julius Malema and her deputy Floyd Shivambu, mostly.

Of the 25 BP at the EFF in the National Assembly, only six were present to sit on Tuesday.

When Didica put things down, Deputy President Mike Chuip Michael Mikers said: "The truth is, EFF is VBS (sic)."

It was agreed that DA, Cope

This added another screaming game between the DA and EFF. IFP Mkhuleko Hlengwa asked Didiza to improve people because his Parliament was not in place for DA and EFF.

Follow Steenhuisen onwards that EFF knows – "as faisist organizations around the world" – that attack is the best way to protect.

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At the beginning of the debate, the Higher Education Minister and the Naledi Pandor Training stated that misdivision was a cause of concern for the public and private sectors.

She said the bill would strengthen the interventions of the South African Qualifications Authority.

"We believe this is a critical piece of legislation," she said.

At the end of the debate, Pandor said: "Thank you, Reverend Steenhuisen, for the most exciting debate on our home in Higher Education".

The DA and Cope were the only parties that did not support the & # 39; bill, and the bill was agreed.

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