Steenhuisen opposes EFF of elitism in a series of steps


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PARLIAMENT – DA, Chief, John Steenhuisen, identified the EFF eliteist ECT who wanted to keep the poverty out of politics and use their work to strengthen themselves.

"I have never used my place to stretch my pockets. I have never damaged regional procurement processes to make my own family and family rich, as Julius Malema did in Limpopo, "said Steenhuisen in the National Assembly two days after being deceived by the EFF for missing university certification.

"I've never stolen the savings of the poor and vulnerable people who buy fan houses and swimming poles, like Floyd Shivambu did with the VBS Bank. news, or it was the danger to a member of this House, as the EFF is on a regular basis. "

Steenhuisen said the Constitution was clear that "you are definitely a member of a brain or a brain surgery, you can choose to represent your community".

He said: "Let me be clear: I do not have a university degree, I have never gotten. I made a BA entry in politics and law at [University of South Africa] However, Unisa was in 1994 – like many of South Africa – I did not finish it due to financial and work concerns.

"I'm not embarrassed here."

He stated that EFF was criticized again from an English class system and meant that the party had a " decorate the uniform of staff but he would not like the people who said he would represent an official post.

EFF's feelings respond to him for an emergency call.

Shivambu, deputy director of the EFF, said on Twitter that Steenhuisen's degree or diploma lacked a "poor position" definition.

The series has caused the DA, who has been involved in ANC officers about their qualifications and demanding civil servants to be on the spot because of the politics. They did not study outside secondary school.

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