Stephan complained to the drug trader


A sentence of 3 to 10 years imprisonment is at risk by Štefan (29) from Banskobystrický kraj, who is already in custody.

According to the police Štefan (29) from Hliník nad Hronom (Žiar nad Hronom district) he was getting blasting and siototropic materials, he kept for his own use, but he also sold it to others. There were several men from Žiar nad Hronom, Hliník nad Hronom and Lehôtka pod Brehmi who sold at least 14 times, 6 hours of marijuana and 8 tablets of ecstasy.

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On Friday afternoon, after the personal and personal inspection, he delivered the supplies that were sent voluntarily. Science reinforced that it passed 13 grams of words, with at least 166 single doses of the drug and o 11 grams of marijuana, where at least 68 single doses of the drug may be prepared. Find out where they got the drugs.

Štefan (29) Open the gallery

Police Speaker, María Faltániová, who has now complained to Banská Bystrica Stephen was in the past few times convicted for property crimes. Recently, he was convicted in September of the ban on occupation. After performing to & # 39; process, was put into a police cell and the inspector responded to move to file a file to keep it. A judge of the district court was ruled on her; case the accused was sent.

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