Stéphane Pauwels comes out of the silence: "My life ended on 28 August, 2018"


RTL's sports presenter was speaking for the first time on television since its launch.

Aafter a long period of silence, a RTL sport activist has spoken for the first time since it was first televised on the “Questions à la Une” program. Stéphane Pauwel was shown in March 2017 for hardship in Lasne theft.

My life stopped on 28 August 2018
“This represents the sports presenter. " I try to laugh because there are new elements which prove that I only did my life in stand-by. We should not sink, we have to be quite certain, but we sometimes think that is the worst. I picked up completely
"It is said to the side of its solicitor, Sven Mary, that the journalist has great confidence.

"I am not in love"

" When the police start to pick you up, you don't exchange, I just said: 'Sven Mary'. If you bring a lawyer, it is because you believe in it. You have to learn to listen to lawyers and be ready to respond. I am not in grain, I just want to prove that I have nothing to do with it
"Saying the 50s.

This case, which his solicitor believes a lullaby For the media “”, cBetter that there be a folder with Pauwels & 39; the place name is Abdeslam & # 39; "Stéphane Pauwels said he was suffering from daylight hours."

" It would sell well, but in that time it damage: my daughter, my family … t He says.

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