Stephen Curry is extremely proud & on how Golden State Warriors Handled Kevin Durant, Draymond Green's Drama


DALLAS – How the Golden State Warriors continue to & # 39; damaging the inside after a different event between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green and his continuing London pre-night defeat for LA clippers, Stephen Point's director said Is it "extremely proud" of the way the team came together since then.

"It's been different. It's been tough," Curry said Saturday before the 112-109 Warriors war for the Dallas Mavericks, their third row in four games. "It's obvious that it is not possible to play a game. It happens when you're not with the team when something like that happens. But I think We have been treated as a team, as Draymond dealt with, as KD's handle is, it has only been a professionalism and understanding that he is about the team. , all of us, whether it's one-to-one, as a team, keeping it in mind.

"We have a chance to do something special this year. We will continue to reduce and reduce the road, whether it is self-contained or external.

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"And at the end of the day, we should not pull anything from what we're looking for. I think people have tried and been going to go to attack a place where we can continue to proceed, get back to our team as a result – and when we get over those wounds, it will be possible We show how we are a team and make it together, so I'm very proud of how we handle this week. A chance to communicate and # 39 ; trembling greatly, but that's not going to happen. "

Curry, out of November 8 with a game left, spoke Saturday for her & her; The first time from the genius and the change between Durant and Green, one who had a one-game attack for the second one. Curry is still confident that his partners will be able to move forward.

"They have built a lot of fairness in their relationship," said Curry from Durant and Green. "We have won winners together. They have been trying to get their best together. Indeed, I do not think they had an event to the In this case, but you do not have your experiences and go through the journey we've been on and let us take something like that. Indeed, from a personal perspective, Things that need to be worked through. That's like any relationship in life. But at the end of the day, they both understand that none of these are the reason why We'll go out this year's concert and I can roll it out with that. "

Warrior's proprietor, Joe Lacob, told the San Francisco Chronicle that he was far beyond what we were "fitting" in argument with Durant, the Warriors are "" handling things " appropriately. "

"It's completely the case of leadership," said Lacob. "[General manager] Bob Myers and our coach Steve Steve are handled. And they handle it appropriately. "

The team's decision is to believe one player and the other has not raised any questions about the Warriors; gives Durant an excellent remedy, free agent after the season. Lacob beat that idea.

"I have read and hear what people talk about. We are choosing one person over another," said Lacob to his Chronicle. "We do not choose anyone over anyone."

Lacob said Green was also getting the situation.

"He understands that, with the way," said Lacob. "I've been texting it and it's totally getting it. I have a good relationship with it and I still do it."

However, Curry is happy to be back around his team team after he has been traveling with the team; group to Los Angeles for a Monday game. Kerr has been trying to & # 39; Curry's reassurance ability again and he is happy to bring back the bend and in the catchroom while & It supports the teams.

"It's hard because I want to be there with my brothers as to when material goes down," said Curry. "Hit, lose or drag, I want to take everything to do. The singles are scarce, and they are part of the game, I know that's obvious because I was not in , but at the end of the day, as I said, that way we can not respond and move forward – to be more proud of how we have responded. "

Curry likes what he has seen from his body over the past days of moving forward.

"Indeed, I'm a leader," he said. "I've been very well with those people. I've been here the longest, I just understand the culture that we created here, and I do not. Let's get that drop from one event like that. The different conversations that happened, whether it was introduced or not. Again, it's just about how we are a team Moving on. I'm just like the vibe. When I was in the catching room in Houston, on the bay, knowing how to have fun, how to enjoy themselves and to understand what we have a special group. Not let that fall on the way. "

Curry also praised Kerr's ability to travel on the exciting emotional land of the past week, Keeping the idea that a bad team will not have a lasting impact on a team that's going to have a bad impact. trying to win the NBA's revolutionary benefits.

"Very true of sugar does not give anything," said Curry from Kerr. "To understand the truth of the situation but also try to continue to focus on how we will proceed as a team. That's the most important thing. make one November event faster than the next six months of what we are trying to achieve. He clearly talks about it and I think that is important. "

Curry is also confident that he will be back on the floor at any time in the future. It's started to do more work on its & # 39; court as long as it is; make her way back. It will be re-evaluated in another week.

"Progress is moving in the right direction," said Curry. "There was no problem or anything like that. But it's more about getting a whole range of movement, making it free from pain and things like Yes, I'm learning about this. I know about ankles. But it's obvious that it is a new one for me, and so I try to make sure that I continue careful, but recognizing that we move in the right way. So I do not know how long it will be, but that's all I can ask it enough. "

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