Stephen Hillenburg, creator "SpongeBob" has died


Stephen Hillenburg, who created the famous SpongeBob cartoon, died at the age of 57.

Hillenburg, a professor of marine biology, has died of a neurodegenerative disease, said Nickelodeon's US channel on Tuesday.

"It's a great sadness that we are announcing the death of Stephen Steinburg, creator SpongeBob SquarePants. Today, we will look at a moment of quietness to honor his life and his work," write the American channel on Twitter.

Thanks to her, Hillenburg was nominated nine times at the Emmy Awards but never won an award.

Hillenburg was born on 21 August 1961 at Lawton, Okla. Hilneburg graduated from the Humboldt State University in the north of Scotland with a BA degree in Natural Resources Planning and Interpretation with a specialization in marine facilities.

While he worked as a marine biology professor at the Orange Orange Institute in Dana Point, California, Hillenburg noted that "animation was gradually evolving" He went out to a charter at the California Arts Institute in Valencia in 1987 as a graduate student. He left five years later with a degree in experimental animation.

Since 1993, Hilneburg wrote and led "Rocko's Modern Life", a lively series for Nickelodeon. He created SpongeBob in May 1999. The prize-winning cartoon, including awards from British Emmys, Annies and ASCAP, was broadcast in more than 150 countries. SpongeBob was changed twice to cinema, in 2004 and in 2015.

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Stephen Hillenburg, creator

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