Steve Blacken is all the Blacks who take the world's best after-call Ireland Sport


All Blacks could have the highest ranking but according to their coach, Steve Hansen, Ireland has overcome them and become the best team in the world. After winning 16-9 of Ireland in Dublin, Hansen explained: "What is this is doing this: I said this at the beginning of the week that these are the best two sides in the world-class play each other. So now, that's the world's No.1 team. "Hansen said that he was also feeling that he was going to be in the world. Ireland prefers to win the next World Cup in Japan too.

Joe Schmidt, Hansen's fighter, did not go into that ban. "World Cup? In 11 months? We need to work hard in the next week to make sure we're ready for the US," said an Irish head coach. "Steve might have liked a bit of a break.

"We were at home, they were behind a long range of games where they traveled around the world several times, and I thought the people were very spectacular tonight. So know You have a lot of things stuck in our favor. So we'll be tonight and we will leave the World Cup for 11 months. "

At the same time, Hansen promised that his team would have improved due to this loss. "It will be very useful, without any doubt about that, that this team has not suffered significantly in the last three years." He said: "There is a lot of water under the bridge of the World Cup. It can be a great deal.

"They hurt, brain brain, whipped coaches, new coaches … we know that Ireland is going there reasonably and that they should be, I think New Zealand will be feeling confident too. "

Hansen described how bad the loss was. "You will not win as many rugby games as this All Black team is and it's not hurt when you get caught, whatever the challenge and how well you & # 39; play. " Black All, he said, "is very quiet and very sad. People are split. And that's what it should be. That's how you should feel when you get beaten."

He was full of a proposal for Ireland – "They were great and they were worthy of winning, they gave them the opportunity and we did not take it" – and, subjectly, he refused to criticize any of the co- Results made by the English referee, Wayne Barnes. "I do not complain about the referee, not the right day to do that, it is the best time to complain about the referee when you win." Some of the penalties his team had promised, he agreed, "just dumb".

Looking over the World Cup next year, there is no doubt that the decision will be; An increase also suggests that Schmidt, 53, could take one day from Hansen 59th as the main coach of All Blacks. Although Schmidt did not just put that on, he envisaged he had "complex" feelings about a team coach against his native native. "I'm 100% the Black supporter when they play anyone but we, just because of where my roots are," he said. "At the same time, I work with a group of people who are very enthusiastic who are going to work out and earn what they are getting. So feelings are not very mixed about it.

"But one of those things that I believe is that it makes it a bit more complex, especially for me. But at the same time, I am very proud of their group of Irish players who went out and made it tonight. It was an incredible world-class and bad achievement and I'm really proud of it. "

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