Steve Carell Trolls Mackintosh as Jeff Bezos in SNL & # 39; Amazon Skit


Steve Carrell, who founded Amazon and CEO, Jeff Bezos on Saturday Night Live set up over the weekend.

Earlier this week, Amazon published the locations of the second headquarters in New York and Virgina.

In the jungle, "Bezos" gave President Trump many opportunities and said that the new places were suitable for business growth.

"Everyone except those who live there and the people who live in the places we have not chosen are very happy," Carrol killed on camera. "Some people have been thinking that President Trump was in some way by building one headquarters in the town Queens, and the other in his home, Washington, DC, so disturb or disturb him, but that's not true. "

Carroll was also disturbing Trump's hair and told the audience that the book "Art of the Deal" was a " cost more to be removed because he has "sixteen chapters", describing his financial history; president.

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