Steven M. Sipple: Frost's most prestigious award at NU is coming to fight; Iowa should be aware of Column


If you were part of the Staidium crowd of memories on Saturday, a wind wind, it will inspire you.

Nam blaming a Nebraska football fan! who was looking at her; left, I'm looking for b & # 39; you can see the roars.

People tend to enjoy a good fight in the snow.

As Nebraska introduced a 9-6 beautiful advantage against the very harsh state of Michigan, the passion that you heard from Husker fans was as true to the cold north wind. Maybe it's just for me, but I can hear it again in the big blade. Go to Iowa. These Huskers are no longer back. These days are ready. Anyway, I have read it.

Saturday may appear above. If you are a Nebraska fan, you are astonished. Feel about your team's pleasure to fight bully because the Huskers are just going to go. hit Spartan's clothes that are very difficult to hit the opponents to the whistle and sometimes after that.

In the rise of the Nebraska season – four winning in the last five games – b & # 39; This is the most fascinating impact because these conditions were the protection of the benefit. The State of Michigan is the defense of the highest-ranking soldier, but 97 is at least the opposite of its; license. There was a problem, it was difficult to pass by a wind wind to 33 miles.

So yes, there was a street fighting, and Nebraska (4-7, 3-5 Big Ten) had a lot of thoughts and even more confidence, to the 88,793 spectators.

It was not far back, before Scott Frost appeared in Lincoln last December, it would appear that Nebraska would have supported this game type.

"Every week I've been training them, I think there's a bit more fighting there," said Frost, a coach and " Husker 's first year. "Today is certainly the best thing I have seen."

Frost was a great player in saying that the Michigan State (6-5, 4-4) played the lead players because of injury, especially the top dentist Felton Davis and returning LJ Scott. Rocky Lombardi, back-up Sparty to start the season, finishing 15 of 41 permits for 146 yards.

Yeah, the poor conditions were to cast. But keep in mind, Lombard entered the day and ended only 34.7 per cent of his 69 attempts.

He has no frightened relatives. Heck, not Jeff Smoker. Not even close So the Spartans would have to try to bully the Huskers on the ground. They can not do that really true, either, it's not surprising to be & # 39; thought they were 116 in the execution of crime (and 110th in total crime).

Despite this, it was a test for the Blackshirts – which was held 90th against its running. They spent it with flying colors, which kept Michigan State to 143 yards; brush (3.8 every effort).

Given, this is not a good MSU team, but it's very tough. Coach and company Mark Dantonio showed his & Parkquake and immediately viewed to talk about its & # 39; His pole when he walked down the middle of the field with a normal suit, but he had no coat. He had to be delighted with the conditions.

Its defensive protection; Nebraska was moved 30 times for just 103 yards (3.4 per behaviors). But the Huskers did just enough, even with JD Spielman watching in street clothes. Devine Ozigbo, one of 19 people who played their final home game, broke a 15-yard garden to help with the # 39; establishing Barret Pickering's garden visit with 8:07 remaining in the game.

"The holes were fast closing today, faster than a standard team," said Ozigbo.

On the next possession of Nebraska, Maurice Washington gave 6-foot-1 real-men, 175 pounds off – into protective teeth for 10 yards. Then he attacked a defender for another 5 yards before Pickering raised his 47-yard winner with 5:13 remaining.

"We face so much protection, I think this seems to be a really tough (group) – to be able to harm when we need, but be able to run poor people just if we need it. "Jerald, the jeweler chief of Jerald Foster, said the number of joy and full energy when he came out of the field he could not; heating the town.

Foster has believed in this team all the time. Believing in the tutors. Believing in the young players. Believing in the old soldiers. So, yes, go to Iowa for Black Friday.

"We got rid of our problems during the year, and he showed," said Foster. "He is shownSouth West And I can not wait to beat Iowa. I can not do it. "

Such a statement would have been shorter earlier this season, especially on September 22 when Michigan impeded Nebraska 56-10. But Frost's team has grown by jumping and going on. decline.

"It's an idea, I'm thinking," said Frost. "It's easy to be difficult when you look bigger. I think these two things have improved."

It should be noted that Iowa has been hitting Nebraska in four of the last five meetings, winning 96-24 in the last two. The Hawkeyes played a flat on the Huskers in these games. They surrounded them. Many Husker fans were embarrassed.

I really believe that those days have passed, and I'm going to see it. think that 88,700 fans would agree on a handy Saturday. I heard the voices, and the sound was so beautiful with the snowfall on Drive Stadium.

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