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In the last few days, Consumer Europe – Office of Consumer Advice for Foreign Trade in the EU / EEA – has been broken by investigations from optimism Norway: The sweet fruit that comes to literally is burned.

COST: This Norwegian account found that he ordered a free trial package from HorsePower +.
expensive: This Norwegian account was thought to have ordered a free trial package from HorsePower +.
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"Do not wait for the other one! Make yourself – and the woman in your life – a great service and order your first HorsePower + now!" The advertisement Facebook readers across the country got food. With the small script, he says that one monthly delivery that responds to nearly 12,000 NOK per annum.

Instead of knowing the advertising laws – the penalty is "made up" in a few days, instead the bank account of the recipient will be able to; get a ghost when he goes after his company several thousand kroner.

«If the royal family appears in an advertisement for food, it is a scam; there.»
Ragnar Wiik, European Providers

– Getting the chance of shame

– Over the years, we have seen a move by players who are thinking of the embarrassment of humans. Of course, it is shameful for some of them to order a lot of strong drugs online. Where an unexpected account for something that anyone else should know is easy to go in security, pay whatever brutal you are and the then keep close to the outside world. But I want to say all of them: it's a great chance to get rid of shame and do it. Feeling something has been difficult to do something, but then he wants to stand up and take care of the consumer authorities – because we can only help each other to stop these tricks, saying Ragnar Wiik, leader of Consumer Europe.

Frode Elton Haug, Legal Director of the Norwegian Consumer Authority, says that the Norwegian lawsuit has asked their sister office in Latvia to oppose Aliaz Cooperation. Both companies and the HorsePower + products have been a complainant for several years.

– My strong profession is for Dagbladet readers that they are vital in marketing in social media. If Facebook is aware of copyright, they have to delete them. The problem is that only if their department is & # 39; Eliminating the job, another department can get new ads from the same supporters, explaining Frode Elton Haug.

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Complaint who have a complaint

MESSAGE: - Whether you're feeling embarrassing, it's helpful for many others to let you know, "says Director Ragnar Wiik in Consumer Europe. "Src =" 70707805 & width = 512 & height = 308 "class ="
REPORT: "Whether you're feeling embarrassing, it's helpful for many others to warn you about fraud," said Director Ragnar Wiik in Consumer Europe.
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According to user office surveys, eight out of ten purchases of social media are subject to impulsivity. Wiik says HorsePower + has done more on its activities in different countries for several years.

– Two years ago they were very active in Sweden, now the trip has come to Norway, which includes Wiik.

– What can you do to stop fraud that is happening from abroad?

– If everything is done according to their plan, the EU will. Adopting a law that soon expands consumer power. It means that if Norway is spun and the Consumer Commission is in a position; Continue with the local court, a & # 39; judicial review in all European countries. So, it's easy to stop wild companies far faster than today, he says.

Dagbladet has tried to communicate with the company behind HorsePower +. The website is not free of information about who is behind the drug building. In its terms, its company states that they are located in the # 39; Germany, but on the invoice, AliaPower seems to have an address / address for Aliaz Cooperation in Latvia.

According to the people who have made a complaint about the need for European Purchasers, a series of events will appear to be advertised on Facebook with a Horsepower + test pack, which will become a subscription. Director Ragnar Wiik has no doubt that there are a large number of darker people who do not give a warning about what authorities are doing; talk about real fraud.

– Some of the simpleton have not known themselves, but one of the complaints is called by a spouse. A child welfare worker has been in contact with the guidance, on behalf of his childhood. Everything is commonplace that they are captured independently in subdivision is very expensive.

Mette-Marit is used in a fat ad

Last year, registrations had a complaint about social media allegations. Among almost 500 people converted to Consumer Europe, there were several managers in feedingstuffs, energy drinks and, therefore, energy funding.

– The scammers will use social media because the channel is easy to & # 39; hitting vulnerable groups, especially young people. So we need to be better in teaching more young people about network law and consumer rights. Those who are open should tell the relationship even though they can feel embarrassing. The material we are just entering at the bottom of the iceberg, says Ragnar Wiik, head of Consumer Europe.

PASS AIR: If you order Nutramino, you can subscribe 69 Euro per month. "Src =" "class =" http: / /
CHRIOSDAIDH: If you order Nutramino, you can be attached for a subscription of 69 Euro per month.
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A classical scam attempt is made by conducting competitions, exams or messages that can be done; Many enjoyed at a very cheap price. In addition, the search appears free of charge between:

Often you will not find the names of the Consuming Europe company, but those who are familiar with them are Sports Vitality, who sell green coffee beans, and a Pro-shopper who was a? selling rods.

– Reducelant Garcinia has another good complaint, purchased by the user because his Majte-Marit Princess was in the ad. To put that way; If the royal family appears in an advertisement for a collision, it is a fraud. , Ragnar Wiik says in Consumer Europe.

– Which groups are particularly vulnerable to scams of this kind?

– The players are very shocking, and especially children and young people are vulnerable and they are easily included with IQ tests on Facebook, and after that huge requests for payments are made. On our behalf, the most important thing is to find out, you should not be paying for something that did not; You ordered and should not be a taboo that he did something bad, the director says.

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