Still loonie after these years: the Canadian donation still has a detrimental effect on two years since now, CIBC says


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  • Loonie for being weak
  • Sealladh Trudeau I would like to see it
  • Mixed sources, with Europe up
  • New York is based for open weakness
  • Canadian dollar just over 75.5 cent
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And we were talking about an old man

And we drink some of the beer ourselves

Welcome still after those years

– Paul Simon

The Canadian dollar is still pushed two years ago, CIBC World Markets say.

Indeed, its economics just "climb a little strength from" the loonie in the latest strategy this week after it dropped down the price of oil and the power of the SA.

That loss of strength for its fourth quarter. But especially in the CIBC's vision, the value of money is not quite different before the last quarter of 2020.

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The Loonie obtained from cultivating trade talks between Canada, US. and Mexico, but glow has now disappeared, its chief economist Avery Shenfeld and said by the economist Katherine Judge.

The weakness of money coming like West Texas Intermediate and West Canada Choose suffering, the last ones are far more problematic than the US average.

"Although the weakness in both WTI and WCS has expected to increase for hitting in the Bank of Scotland in Canada, there may be a small amount of visits to the early agenda in 2019 if OPEC is sufficiently productive, "said Mr Shenfeld and Ms. Judge, refers fairly to charter oil expectations at the December meeting meeting.

"But the loonie looks less weak than we were thinking about that, and the year's yearly rate of 1.31 for USDCAD includes dollars that It's a bit more beautiful than our pre-statement. "

They were describing US funds. and Canada with their images and, at 1.31, a torch was below 76.5 sizes.

Mr Shenfeld and Ms. Judge expects that the Canadian Bank will give its signal level twice the first month of the next year, with a quarter of a percentage point per trip, which would yield to 2.25 per cent.

The reasonable levels are really friendly, and so the pace of increasing its central bank is; get involved in the financial perspective. But its movements are "limited" due to the debt level that is heard among Canadian users, and the main bank will be able to; watch her U.S. supporter, the Scheduled Reserve.

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"A slow economy will mean that the BoC will allow the Deer, especially since it is still even though Ottawa will be taxing a bit of corporate taxes, The economy still sees fiscal tension with Ontario and some other departments, "Mr Shenfeld and Ms. Judge said.

"This USDCAD should see its setup in the 1.30s next year."

That is 1.30 to the Canadian dollar at just five of the US.

But the CIBC's vision is to send a & # 39; weight at just over 74.5 pence in the US by the end of 2019, and back to almost 77 cents by the end of 2020.

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Stock different

There are diverse world markets to date, with Europe up and New York hit for opening.

"European stock markets are higher today as traders look forward to the top of the EU at weekends," said analyst CMC Markets David Madden, mentions Brexit talks.

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"Traders have worked well with news today that the UK and the EU do not agree, but it is another case. We are likely to see today. largely because many US traders still have a holiday to see what was before the Thanksgiving. "

Nikkei Tokyo was closed, but Hang Seng Hong Kong 0.4 per cent, and Shanghai Composite 2.5 per cent.

In Europe, FTSE 100 London, DAX of Germany and Paris CAC 40 ranged from 0.3 to 0.5 per cent about 5:25 a.m. ET.

New York revenue was down, and it's really a big day for sellers.

"Today's day is one of the biggest sales days of the Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday, allowing companies to go to # 39 ; giving access to world-wide benefits, "IG said the Joshua Mahony market analysis in London.

"However, it is clear, although higher sales by the end of November have been far beyond the shopping disaster, usually for December, this can increase the high street on the high street, as The campaigns are released with customers by getting their mail early. "

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The Canadian dance was tied at just over 75.5 sizes in the USA.

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What's on for today

As well as looking for mouse prices Friday at US repositories, View Canadian statistics on inflation in October and sales sales in September.

In general, economists expect the report to generate 0.1% consumer prices from September, with 2.2 percent inflation inflation.

It is expected that the retail sales report will reveal its sales value from one month earlier, but maybe it is a bend.

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