Stock market: what to move on the markets before opening on Tuesday


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New York Stock Exchange aims to open near Tuesday morning balance. Greater investors are aware that, despite the good start of the week, after commercial trials Donald Trump.

It is expected that the Dow Jones Business Average, the largest index of the New York park, will decrease by 0.16% to 24,560 points depending on the future. Nasdaq, with strong technical color, fell 0.43% before opening the markets to 6644.50 points. At the same time, the S & P500 will lose 0.22% to 2664 points.


"It gave a technological revival to the yesterday's market," but it's hard "to talk about it. Indeed, nothing will happen in this regard to increase market exposure to as a result of the US-China meeting, "on the G20 conference boundaries, said Christopher Dembik, who is responsible for Saxo Bank's economic research.

The United States president on Monday said "it is very unlikely" that it's frostening the increase it is & # 39; Expectations in customs duties on the value of $ 200 billion goods introduced from China, just days before it meets its Chinese company on its borders; the summit. of the G20.

According to Dembik, "our market has still been looking for Italy and the United Kingdom, where we begin to see clarity, even though nothing has yet been done. The Parliament's parliamentary parliamentary agreement must pay its payment in December and it is likely that negotiations between Rome and Brussels will be dragged for a further number of weeks. "

As far as Italy is concerned, the Italian government, which has so far been flexible, is now in a position; Looking ready to change the 2019 budget so that Brussels can not be avoided but, above, to go to # 39; reducing pressure on financial markets.

In regard to Brexit, the British Parliament decided on December 11 when the European Union's European Union's European Union resolution decides to Brussels.


Hong Kong Stock Exchange ended lower on Tuesday, waiting for a crucial meeting between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump, threatens new protection protection measures if conversations have failed.

The war between the United States and China's new level could be reached at the G20 in Buenos Aires, where the US president meets his Chinese company.

Without the agreement between the two headteachers, Donald Trump was at risk of adding "267 billion dollars" of additional customs duties, that is, all Chinese goods issued by US taxes to date.

In an interview published by Wall Street Journal on Monday, the US state commander has said it is "very likely" that his administration has a " keep out of the implementation of these new targets.

"The only thing" in the eyes of Donald Trump for China "is to open up to the US championship," said US president.

This place has been on worrying surveys, Stephen Innes (Oanda) wants to see "Trump the hero hero than Donald the warrior" at this weekend's G20 meeting.

On the agenda

On the side of the show, the Board of Congress users' confidence for November is also in the United States afternoon.

Reservoirs also take account of the observations from the Periodic Reserve (Vine), and President Jerome Powell could be able to; indicates that it is slower on Wednesdays to raise interest rates.

Encouraged by strong growth in GDP in the US, the increase may increase in fair rates in 2019, depending on the revitalization of the global economy.

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