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Reservoirs indicate that trade tensions are in place; grows, signs are increasingly slower in retail sales and a credit market accident. Today's decline was driven by technology companies and retailers.

Technology companies: Apple Inc., which has fallen again, which ends up 20% up to its top historic. Inc., Facebook Inc. and Netflix Inc. Today they have fallen by at least 2.5%.

Comprehensive computer graphics cards and computer makers today also expanded: Micro Devices Inc., Micron Inc. and Nvidia Corp. more than 5% fell.

However, some companies, after that have been kept up, have recovered the new stock prices again, some of them even grown.

"This correction is extracted by basic data," said Bloomberg Mandy Xu, a premium equity and a credit strategy based at Credit Suisse. "People are very worried about income, not just in technology, but in most businesses. And, as a result, Our V revival. Investors may expect to see whether the salary in the next quarter will prove or restore growth. "

However, it is very important to be aware that the concentrations that are set down by basic data, such as corporate profits, economic growth, the growth of money supply, etc. but just those who show the current level of economic and economic life; showing changes over time. So, a reduction in corporate employment can be a sign that market has already risen in this visit, and we can do it; expects to reduce, raise interest rates and stock markets in the nearest areas.

In the linking markets, the result of 10-year Government bills fell to the lowest level since September. The double credit index of Europe's leading distributors has reached its highest value over the last two years, and demonstrates the revival of the stability of stock markets in the past future.

Transfer of modern money, not only with the responsibility of stock markets but also by the Information Report published today by the English Bank.

EUR 0.5% fell to USD 1,3392, which was initially weakened for more than a week.

GBP fell 0.2% to 1.2827 USD.

JPY decreased 0.1% to USD 112.63.

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