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The Chairman of the Hanoi People Nguyen Duc Chung has been the reasons for a stone pavement in Hanoi, despite the criteria and standards, but they have new stone stones again.

The Hanoi Committee Chairman of Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung recently met voters before the seventh meeting of the 15th People's Council.

Make sure there are 5 criteria

Here electors Nguyen Van Ngoc (Hoan Kiem district) raised a concern about the new bending of a & # 39; town. According to Ngoc, its platform is deposited, a new stone with a pattern but is finished. In the event of damage, there are few days to install new roads. This allows people to go to; amazed about the quality of the side, rubbish and expense.

The voters' recommendations that responded to this issue said, Nguyen Duc Chung, the Committee Chairman of the People, said that this is very worried about the town.

"On a flat platform, we also want to have 5 criteria on each side of the backyard. One of them is to ensure that the entire cable, telecommunications system is & # 39; felling, infrastructure construction related to water supply and drainage.

Secondly, there must be new updates, new planting sites and tree reed trees.

The third is a man to make light and put underground lights at the corridor, a crossroad.

The fourth is a place to revitalize the project, the face from the board boards, and # 39; signs to the unstable place in the face.

The fifth is associated with the implementation of healing health projects, including a breakdown.

There are five criteria on the street to allow them to protect the backdrop.

We have strict rules and we have criteria to move natural stone and turn to natural stone walls, "said Nguyen Duc Chung.

There are plenty of stone stone, and February 2.1818 on Hanoi has reviewed a series of friends.
There are plenty of stone stone, and February 2.1818 on Hanoi has reviewed a series of friends.

Get feedback and guide the implementation of the synchronization

The President of the People's Committee presents the example of a doorstep in Moscow, Russia. So the city of Moscow put the whole wall for four years. They expanded even the foxes to walk people, narrowing the road but no parking. And they have good boundaries, well enough to arrange the socks and synchronization.

About the backstones of Hanoi, Chung found that the policy is not yet enough. This flagstone causeway is given to the counties of each area. Real criteria, domestic standards that have been distributed together as the special project of each area. Secondly, our architectural and design capabilities are not ready. When done, the infrastructure needs to meet the five criteria set out above, but then a unit before reappearing.

Hanoi Committee Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said: "I know people are worried about this. The town also looks closely at it, there is little progress at the ground under two years. However, it is not yet meeting people's expectations, the slice is not yet compressed. We would like to gather ideas to monitor the delivery and direction in an integrated way, to ensure the beauty, quality and meeting of people's expectations.

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