Stop one side and armor attack on the other side: Rizvi


Co-secretary of the BNP chief executive Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, at a press release at the Nayapaltan headquarters in the capital on Friday. Picture: NTV

BNP General Secretary General, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, said: "On one hand, the Awami League is campaigning for a selection; On the other hand, the BNP and the Awami League are to block applicants to & # 39, going to the area. The country's armed raid is going on. Although BNP people can not keep meetings at home, the Awami League is going on before the Electoral Commission, campaigning for his boat.

Rizvi said at a regular news conference at the central Nayapaltan office in the capital on Friday morning.

The BNP Chief Executive said: "In the Osman public meeting in Narayanganj yesterday, the rally continued to walk on behalf of Bhairab Nazmul Hasan Pishon of Kishoreganj. All areas, upazilas, towns and unions continue in the ferry, ferrying their boat to vote for their boat.

EQ speech & # 39; doing businesswomen very ill & # 39;
The BNP's Senior Secretary, the petition was presented to the Election Commission on behalf of the National Unity Forum to withdraw controversial officers and colleagues working in the administration and police. But the CEC stated in the meeting of law enforcement agencies not to move any official. Unlike the call of the Challenges for the removal of the controversial ones, statements from the CEC are the most deprived of deaf people. & # 39;

Regarding his absent case, Ruhul Rizvi said, "The police commissioner said that no case will be recorded after the timetable has been identified. However, the continuing ongoing issues are in receipt of the against the BNP campaigners. At that meeting, an Election Commissioner did not attend any objections to the unauthorized issue of the police into the country, but was not accepted. the CEC took any step in the case of some of the controversial team officers from the Election Commission.

"The CEC was sure that our police officers have a religion. Do not worry. The CEC is to ensure that it is not transmitted without scrutiny.

Rizvi also said, "It is very clear that the Election Commission does not make any movement to the police officers based in party awareness. The EC is working day and night to build government areas.

BNP spokesman said, "Our bodies are going into the river, putting them into prison in the case of foul, arrest, attacking, demonic decline has been made for rehabilitation. And the outdoors and outside markets have become the everyday government program. However, no police officer has made any representations in this regard.

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