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LONDON • Manchester City's FIFA year shift could be suspended when eight foreign sub-18 players were recorded, in accordance with the Football Football documents.

The English campaigns are the second Premier League club after Chelsea to make allegations about paying six-sized figures for young players' families.

According to Danish Politiken newspaper, Fifa's researchers want to ban their homepage. recording players for two windows to move.

This follows the statements that the town had said that £ 190,000 (S $ 334,449) was a & # 39; Family Bossaerts cost at Belgium family.

Documents in the hands of European Research Co-operatives, a group of European media organizations, indicated that the City was willing to pay £ 10,000 in reimbursement costs to a boy's family still; play under eight football.

The opponent's notes told Bossaerts that their City paid £ 100,000 for the family and a further £ 30,000 annually for three years and £ 27,000 annually for accommodation costs.

The Bossaerts salary was approved at £ 5,980 for its first season as a 16-year-old youth player, rising to £ 90,000, £ 100,000 and £ 110,000 over the next three years.

He spent four years at Baile-mòr before leaving in 2016 and is now in the Nijmegen countries.

Fifa rules prohibit an international move of 18-year-olds or less if their parents have not emigrated for non-football related purposes.

Chelsea is also opposed to a ban over two years over the recording of 14 foreign youth players and they are claimed that the father of Denmark's protector Andreas Christensen paid over £ 656,000 over four years.

The Premier League commented: "It would not be appropriate for the Premier League to comment on the specifications of particular clubs or players.

"Should we recommend any validation material which may have broken our rules, we will definitely analyze and monitor the" do that. "


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