Stopping Internet Explorer, Microsoft is asking


The browser still enjoys "benefits" in particular in the physical environment.

Microsoft has published a very open and official "warning" before using the web browser (external).

The article on his blog was written by a security expert from Chris Jackson. It promptly warns that this software is no longer used to be a web browser or even a basic browser. The theme is the word.

His work, according to the expert, should not have a daily address on the internet. The browser does not support web-based webpages, and their website has no further test.

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Although Internet Explorer 11 is also part of the latest Windows 10, Microsoft will officially support it in 2015. It's a & # 39; adding to the new operating system buildings for back compatibility, for example, with different interfaces and enterprise solutions.

However, these solutions were based on technologies designed and advertised by Microsoft, as a whole, for Internet Explorer. If a user is interested in working with these solutions (or better), Internet Explorer can not be excluded from their application list.

Edge did not

The new site at Internet Explorer (even on technology side) was the new Edge browser in Microsoft's new systems. Anyway, that's what I do; Microsoft 's first intention.

Edge is built on his own "chassis" and still exists for Windows 10. However, users and developers have been delighted not only because of the lack of support for Windows older.

Finally, Microsoft discovered that he lost that loss by nameing that Edge it is going to another kernel. It will have the same basis as Google Chrome.

It is definitely a step that should help to minimize the break on its & # 39; market, as well as increasing broadband support and levels.

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At the end, users who are able to New source bids (universal) may also qualify for change. Only those browsers used to be so fundamental to Edge could be found in the store. After you change the kernel, the path will be opened as a result. Microsoft has not yet spread information about this.

But their favorite 7th browser

Internet Explorer is ranked the world's seventh largest singer across all platforms in stats for StatCounter Global Stats for January this year. It has a market share of around 2.7%.

For comparison, the head of Google Chrome has 61.72%. Internet Explorer has just made a "superpassed" with 2.91%, and Edge's opponent hit even worse – receiving 2.13% from a market party.

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