Stories of BLEE's movements and rumors: Alaba & Umtiti on the Arsenal summer shortlist


Bayern Munich is ready to go to Barcelona for the signature of Luka Jovic ESPN.

La Liga, who has been searching for an attacker they see as a fan of Luis Suarez at the Nou camp, has been visiting the route a lot. is asking for Robert Lewandowski to be replaced.

In addition, Bayern boss Nico Kovac was the person who signed Jovic's two-year contract at the Eintracht Frankfurt of Benfica and owes much to his 21 year birthday have visited 22 times and put seven people to it in 36 tonight. all competitions.

Any contract for the Serbia international service would be a complex one, as Rogue had purchased a loan of € 6m (£ 5m / $ 7m) into a loan agreement, but if they were to sell it immediately No, Benfica would get 20% of taxes.

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