Storm Diana visits Devon and her & # 39; Cornwall – the latest updates


The Weather Office has a weather warning across all Devon and Cornwall today, as Storm Diana's & # 39; hitting the area.

Weather Weather Warning comes in at 9am, and it's a? warning that 60 mph winds are expected, with a slightly more visible and 70 mph sense.

However, Facebook's popular Facebook weather page Southwest Storm Chasers Ltd says there is a chance that the storm could be much quicker – and much harder – than the Met Office & # 39 ; out. He said there was a danger that an 80mph wind would hit Eilean Scilly, and Cornwall and Devon, from 3am in the morning, to 3pm in the evening.

Met Office's official warning states:

  • Public transport is likely to be delays, and that journey times may be longer.
  • Features for south-sided cars on open paths and bridges similar
  • Some deprivation of local short-term power and other services is capable.
  • There are likely to be adverse impacts on some coastal routes, sea margins and coastal communities with tunes and / or large waves

We monitor the roads and rail network throughout the area, to keep them updated on the latest travel situation, and Give you the weather developments when they happen.

Clollaich down for the latest updates.

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