Stormy Föhn flows across Tyrol: trees are demolished in Rapoldi Park


Innsbruck – How it was expected that storms fell on Sundays with up to 100 km / u throughout Tyrol. The strong wind also kept their armies on their hills. So the Innsbruck fire department was in the early afternoon due to a fallen fall in Rapoldipark in the area where Pradl was abandoned. Its chopped about 15 meters thickened; with a collapse of about 70 centimeters per accident.

"It was not removed, but it was demolished at the bottom," said speaker for the Innsbruck fire department against TT-Online. No one was injured, the area that had a near-to-food impact Closing Rapoldipark. MüG staff had control of her & her; rest of the park.

Numerous stormy mission

On the other hand, the Innsbruck fire Brigade had to work through storm missions. In the Igls about a branch she was removed, which was threatening to throw the road. "In a storm situation, most of the behaviors in woodlands and parks are needed," the fire fighting spokesman wants to; claim for the purpose of the population. "Something can always be there, you can not check each tree in advance."

The new week begins during the winter

In late evening, the person will be broken down, but he also does. overflowing light temperatures in the past. As winter will be back again at the beginning of the new week. ZAMG meteorologists expected snow and water for Monday. On the northern side of the Alps, it will keep snow. The snow temperature is between 300 and 800 meters above sea level. Wind is still vigilant, but a & # 39; erosion from west to northwest. The teas are early between both and more than six steps, usually the evening temperature between one or five steps. Between the interim, only in East Tyrol will be resting with up to nine steps.

The tree was knocked at about 15 meters at the bottom and left; fall into the ground.

The tree was knocked at about 15 meters at the bottom and left; fall into the ground.


Even on Tuesday, he can not & # 39; watch the sun. Again, there are some snowmen, which also include deep sequences of water or water showers. Heavy snow again again on the north of the Alps. Often a wind is a & # 39; flows quickly stormily from the northwest to the north and flows to some of the East Tyrol glens. Early temperatures are less than six more and more, and day-to-day increases are usually only less than one or more than eight steps.

From Wednesday sunny and always warm

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, sunshine is shine in Tyrol, it should be very dry. The temperature rises regularly with up to four steps on Wednesday, eight steps on Thursday and ten steps on Friday. (

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