Story in the plan. Review of "Class Meeting"


In a small film industry in Latvian, the legends of war camps – "real" and "entertaining" are still maintained. Although domestic films have been significantly expanding in the last two years that have been expanding, enjoy them and succeed, there are still a number of conflicts in the two camps. On the one hand, audience interest is not big enough, on the other hand, these analysts are not so glorious. However, I would like to think these fierce protests were in the past, because, as we see, the most popular films last year are quite different – Homo Novus, Nameja Ring, Criminal Excellence Fund and Bill. In addition, this table also shows that it is not so difficult for Latvian cinema.

So, it would not be possible to say that the comics created by Andrei Echi were the only "for the country" cinema, since they could be cut a few years ago. In addition, keep with the credibility that critics have a & # 39; This comedy is produced due to the snob, even more weird. Whatever it is, to be fun for sports, the most important thing is that the film has a good story, interesting work in an actor and an appropriate quality bar.

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That's why I was surprised by & # 39; Looking at the edge of the "classroom meeting", playing visual status (actress – Andrejs Rudzāts), played Gobzins' song and was both good. Also, the developed situation created the hope that the story would continue (and more appropriate) than the "Blues". Apart from that, as can be seen in today's and recent events of this season's theater, the middle-aged argument is a popular and up-to-date theme, as shown by exhibition & # 39; Linda Vista & # 39; Alice Herman, who was sold for months.

So, we spent one night at «Shortcut», where the film was available before the main one in the cinema started to spend an evening of fiddle. But it should be said, after the first fifteen minutes, when b & # 39; It is possible to count on scenes about ten medals, their enthusiasm as a tree. In fact, the cinema speaks of a problem that is so difficult but difficult as hemorrhoids are somewhat surprising, but if they are a key feature of the Nils (Ainars Ančevskis) characteristic characteristic of the film, still among them.

Three cars in the car

The film tells Nile, who gets a middle-aged decline – a & # 39; refusing to wear glasses, a saddle that was very slow, and, as I said, a & # 39; suffering from hemorrhoids. He is uncomfortable, who is very uncomfortable at his family, at the same time as his / her; blaming his wife for her problems and no matter where he can see. As an incentive for events, invitation to class reworking jobs, which Nil also needs to say solemn speech!

So, three class partners will meet again – Nils, the rock star and love of women Tom (Juris Kaukulis) and Andris (Imants Strads), that they can not survive. to marry. It is necessary to say that the Troika was playing very handsome, Creating an awareness of the close friendship of old friends, their teeth, and also the violentness of their teeth; It is only possible to be given only in the nearest crags presence. It is not difficult but the situations in which these jackets need to be seen are quite false and just amazing. For example, in a bath house where Nilam is failing again, I may see a mistake for a long time.

Funny assignation

I remember how, when my baby was, my incredible parents' generation was about a humorous American amateur, where there were only "pancreatic views" all the time. But, as you can see, American humor has knowledge of the development and diversification, and it seems that such a look has been very distressing. But Latvian's humorous progress can not be reported in the context of the "Class Meeting".

If the heroes of the previous director movie "Bleki" are at each other at the lowest level, then they have been on the # 39; talk about her, there are many close female women (it's even a pillow!) And, to put a few cuts of humorous shoes and unlucky situations in the uniform of the sticks. it does not mean it. And I have no explanation for this guide.

Sun rays

In general, the film seems to be more fortunate for women – both the Agnese Rutkevich and Inga Alsi-Lasmane and Ilze Blauberg have second human and unplanned roles. Agnes Rutkevich's heroine cute dog. Stronger he is a hero of Elina Vāne, who – due to her complexity – is incredibly inspired by the Nils that are not so helpful.

If you want to comment on some other advanced aspects of the film, you must say that the visual image of the movie is pleasing, despite the different inconsistencies in the collection. Juris Kaukasis's role in the big cinema is very spectacular – it is naturally attractive and even emotionally (despite the fact that the base is even involved in the special scene here). Also, Imants Strads is again looking forward to the talent of the humorous actress, also seen in the "Old Garden Rush". But the rest of the story, however, is a & # 39; live in crop … ahead.


Comedy, Latvia, 2019
Directed by Andrejs Ēķis
Here are the Aines Ančevskis, Imants Strads, Juris Kaukulis, Elīna Vāne, Ieva Puķe, Martins Egliens, Martins Meiers.

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