Story! New injured Lindsey Vonn, fans who scare KONCEM KARIERE, information …


There's really bad news for her first captain to come from the USA.

According to Eurosport, Lindsey Vonn fell on hitting Tuesday supercelselal and was injured, and the wound is still not known. With the expectation of additional information, the information for now is very rare, some even the face. A description of Eurosport, which's a? Most say that it would not be a risk that would endanger the entire season, which would make a career as a renowned American player and hunt for the impact that he has; bankruptcy.

Surely Vonnova has to let the games allow you how well she is on Louis Louis in Canada, which would be a great opportunity to have any impact on her. hunting that registration. However, it is still unclear how many more Americans could have and how bad this would be for their season.

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