Story of Tale Mansur It is difficult to get Lalal Lalal for your pay MLM


Jakarta – Recently the public have embraced the news of the results of the Bahtsul Masail Waqiyyah Commission Session at the Alim Ulama Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) National Conference, which is proposing digital money industries. This has been removed for the multi-faceted marketing business (MLM). T

Yusuf Mansur was one of the people who voiced concerns about the idea that was established in the public domain. As the owner of SaleTren Direct Selling is also using partner schemes such as MLM.

However, direct payment as a direct payment on sharia certificate is obtained from the MUI DSN. PayTren is among the 9 MLMs and has Sharia Direct Selling (PLBS) status.

To obtain the certificate for Yusuf Mansur in Ustadz status, he found it was not easy. He paid 2 to 3 years to pay the payer.

"It's like a dissertation, dissertation, and dissertation. We must go back and forth to carry out repairs until the Islamic certificate comes out," he said at the Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (03). T / 12/2019).

One of the factors making it difficult to gain qualifications is the management of licenses associated with other institutions such as the Police, OJK, Ministry of Trade, BKPM and others. The MUI DSN certificate will not be issued unless other permissions have been obtained.

After receiving the certificate it does not mean that Yusuf Mansur can be discharged. The MUI DSN sends 2 people to the PayTren office for immediate monitoring.

“So how can we change,” he said.

The MUI DSN itself provides 13 requirements so that an MLM label that obtains sharia meaning that it is ensured the business is halal. One of the most important objects is no money game, but the products sold are not made up of elements of hair, mares, usury, dharar, dzulum and immoral.

"So at PayTren there is no cash game. I give you some privacy, due to the fact that Allah BI will not give you permission to pay the PayTren match. to the Police, "he said.

However, Yusuf Mansur was not unhappy with the results of the PBNU recommendations. According to the information, the polemic which has developed at this time is just one of the MLM actors that the MLM industry didn't feed into PBNU.

"I am a Muslim and a religious professor, I just hit the PBNU office yesterday. This is a big mistake for me, why should I wait for the case first," he said. .

“The easiest MLM is the legal certificate of MUI DSN. However, for those not accredited, it is not possible to report to the MUI DSN, PBNU, Muhammadiyah. If you want to tell us, the business like this if you're wrong, tell you to stay. "he must be sure that he is afraid to come though," he said. (das / dna)

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