Strands because of the strange work in NLB's sales led to the SDH guidance


Chairman of Synthesis-KCD Council Emil Milan Pintar Today in a media statement in Ljubljana that NLB sales are only part of a much wider event, so it is not too late for a warning. "The sale story represents a saga about the rare and thunderstorming nature of Slovene politics in which this policy can not lead us to achieve equality in international groups," he said.

Ball of Synthesis Jose Mencinger In the meantime, he thought it was a combination of the European Commission; in selling a lot. "To say that Slatiaia has been protected by selling its commission for NLB it is a problem. It is clear that we wanted to do this and leave commission in peace , "and again.

As he said, Slovenia did not face his / her opinion that it was not a state support that was banned at all. Even if this argument was not sustained, Mencinger's explanations should look at the articles that state State management in the # 39; EU Implementation Treaty. In order not to allow this, two decisions must be achieved: a person who receives the aid will not benefit from the market, and the exchange between the EU members should not influence the support. "In NLB case none of these two contracts were fulfilled," he said.

The story is similar to NKBM

Mencinger also considered that the story is similar to the NKMB. "What is happening at the moment is the increase in the value of the shares on the market, leading to similar situations, as we were at one time. whose first property changes their mind and begins to sell, there will be a drop. There's nothing from rising prices, it seems to me that we will recite the NKMB story , "he said.

Co-worker of Synthesis Bogdan Biščak organized a crime complaint with Sinteza-KCD against the president of the SDH board Lidija Glavina, Board member of the SDH Board Vanesso Grmek, Chairman of the SDH Board of Directors Damjan Belič, his position Duska Kosa and a member of the Board of Directors Igor Kržana there Janez VipotnikPost-Mar As he said, the complaint was recorded for the work of breeding work at work.

"We all know that 59.1% of the NLB shares were sold and sold at EUR 51.5. This price is significantly lowering from previous bank share prices on European markets , despite the fact that NLB is in a better position and position than banks that sell at a higher price, "he said.

It is estimated that a state-of-the-art was destroyed between 502 and 603 million euros.

In addition to its complaint, Sinteza-KCD submitted to the Court of Audit an initiative to review the & # 39; a job for sale of NLB. The call for this was after the Bank of Slovenia drew the request for the evaluation of the Slovenia Bank Act's constitution in which the Audit Court can review the decisions of the Slovenia Bank about the re bank losses in 2013 already. As stated in the Audit Court, this is in accordance with the Court of Audit Act; independently verify what the assessments will be carried out in a specific period, and the checks will be carried out in accordance with a confidential work program.

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