Strange: Family members and bankers are scared to buy shares


Tuesday, November 27, 18:00 13:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Large purchases of directors and stakeholders in Vietnamese banks are constantly buying.

Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange has recently been said to be a subsidiary owner within the Tien Phong Commercial Shareholding Bank (TPBank) Stock Exchange. So Mr Do Minh Quan, son of Mr Do Anh Tu, former Chairman of TPBank, was registered to buy 25 million shares of TPB through an equal way. Time runs from 26 November to 25 December.

At this time, Mr Share Quan holds 0 sections. If successful, Mr. Quan holds about 3.75% in TPBank. At the same time, Your Anh Tu holds 27.75 million sections of TPB, equal to 4.17%.

With the TPB closing price of VND27,500 per department on 25th November, Mr Quan is expected to pay about VND687 billion for the purchase of the shares.

Strange: Family members and bankers are scared to buy shares - 1

Recently, TPBank has indicated that the list of its components is about 184.8 million sections, and # 39; including 53.4 million shares to pay divisions and more than 131.4 million bonus shares. The Post is the final registration date for shares and bonus sections 12/12/2018.

In particular, the move to buy lots of shares at TPBank is similar to other commercial banks such as HDBank or VPBank. For example, at VPBank, Ngo Chi Dung's Chairman has purchased 8 million shares, and his mother Vu Thi Quyen has registered to buy 13 million shares. At HDBank, Mr Nguyen Huu Dang – the General Director was also registered to purchase 500,000 shares and General Secretary General Tran Hoai Nam registered for 200,000 shares.

In mid-year last year, VPBank was converted to a series of businesses to move names to VND1 trillion. There are many young names that surprised many people.

So, they moved to Nguyen Manh Cuong on June 15, 1818, 34.49 million VPB shares of Tin Tam Investment Management Co., Ltd. At that time, VPB prices have a price of 49,500 dong per compartment, Cuong shares more than 1.7 trillion of. shares. Cuong was born in 1995, chairman and legal representative of Tin Tam Investment Management Co., Ltd..

Previously, at the end of March and early April, two new VPB departments were issued with a total of 122.7 million shares, equal to 8.2% of VPBank.

In particular, on March 27, the Vietnam Depository Securities informed 4 separate investors at the same time; Getting the right chance of almost 100 million VPB sections from the Quang Dang Investment Limited Company and the Consulting Consulting Company Limited. The effective date of the 26 March movement, the value of this division is about 6,400 billion dollars.

Shortly after that, on April 11, Vietnam Sponsor Security published that Tran Quoc Anh Thuyen had owned 22.7 million VPB shares (worth nearly 1500 billion tonnes) from T Consulting Thanh Trading Consulting Co., Ltd. . In particular, Tran Quoc Anh Thuyen businesswoman was born in 1992, aged 26.

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