Stranger attacked a three-year-old boy from his mother


A young mother has been sadly sorry after a stranger was to take her son three years before he kissed him and told her he was mine &

Sammy-Jo Thacker, 28, was physically fighting to get her son back from the stranger and wanted her young lad to be stolen.

The mothers had been walking just in front of Erik when the Saturday event was held at the Flying Scotsman Health Center in Doncaster.

When she turned to tell him he would raise it up, a man came in white traffic between herself and her son and took him in a trip before he kissed her sadly and tells her fear he was wonderful &

Erik Thacker who was caught by a strange man in the town center of Doncaster before his mother rescued him (SWNS)

Sammy-Jo singles – who was in the town center of Doncaster with his other two children, Elektra, eight and Elaina, were both fighting the person to recover Erik.

She said: "This terrible man tried to make Erik harder but I sent him away and started shouting so loud until he sent him back.

"Erik was scared when I finally caught it – it was awful."

Sammy-Jo says the impact of the incident has been cautious when she is out and giving warning to other parents to be attentive.

She said: "Erik has a huge impact on it – it would be calm and very fat but now it is much more quieter and they prefer to sit with his head.

"He'll frost someone at any time who does not know tours too close or passing my window."

Sammy-Jo first said she had just deceived her.

She said: "I first thought that the man was my friend when he kissed Erik, but as soon as I heard it saying" mine "I knew he was caught by a stranger.

"I tried to get Erik and pull it back – three people walked over but no one stopped to help but I did not believe they realized what was going on.

"My son was brought to my friend who I was with and sat in the frozen hill in a fish and someone appeared to her and started to smile.

"I tried to talk to Erik to tell him that it was OK and I do not let anyone take it but he does not want to talk about it."

She told her about the incident to the police and she wants a machine for the next family trip.

It was sent to South Yorkshire Police to comment.

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