Stranger will pay bills A target of $ 367


PHOENIX, Arizona (KTRK) –

Samaritan came in when a Target customer in Arizona can not pay his bill.

The person covered the bill, which was more than $ 360, before walking away.

Howard Gipson says that just to find the person say "thank you."

"So much ugly in the world at the moment, someone is going up and doing something like this. It just does it and includes everything . It gives you good wishes and wakes you awake with a smile in the morning, "said Gipson's friend, Coralea Gosnell S-

Gipson says he had at his shop when he had paid his bill, but he did not. the card grew up.

The person standing behind decided to bring things into his own hands and pay their bills instead of being angry about the time.

"It's good everywhere. It's just about making people. And when someone does, take it and thank you," said Gipson.

He says he turned into the parking lot to thank the good Samarit, but he could not find it.

Gosnell published about the good Facebook event, and hit the answer and the number of people that were randomly powered by the random cartridge.

"We'll continue it. Our hearts are over. We're sure we'll pay back," said Gosnell.

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