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After two years of implementation, the first street model of Hanoi failed on Le Trong Tan Street (Thanh Xuan District). However, over the last two months, at Dinh Thon Street (My Dinh 1 ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi), hundreds of steel bars were redesigned by red paint. Business shops are built on the margins.

Luu Hong Duc, Chairman of the People's Council on Minister 1, said this work is included in the urban civilization pilot route 2018-2020 to 2030 of the ward. This is a pilot project, completely changed if it is reasonable.

Street puppet uniform - Picture 1.

The township of the My Dinh 1 street, Nam Tu area of ​​Liem, Hanoi is always resident; pavement, and push walkers down the road

According to the reporter, he was a town road; In the city, in the last few years, together with the burial of My Dinh area, the road came to a great deal. With high traffic density, over an hour, small roads, narrow legs are sometimes on this road. Because the government is putting up the iron columns, almost the range of legs is not as small as it is; disappearing, football now needs to lower the road to traffic and cars by motorcycle. "This road is quite narrow, almost flatter, now the walks are built, they lost the walk and so the footsteps need to stop on the road very dangerous" – Quynh, an owner of a shop groove on the road Dinh Thôn said.

According to the architect Le Viet Ha, the Director of the Center for Urban Initiatives, the solution to create streets of the My Dinh Ward model is not good. Structural structure and material is only suitable for short-term operation. The poor column system is not currently available, but it is very difficult for walkers, a barrier.

At the same point, the architect Dao Ngoc Nghiem, former Chairman of the Hanoi Honorary Design Society, said that the elements of traffic must be considered concise and comparable to the normal street. convenient, no jams, beautiful scenes … This new project focuses on advertising signs, not promoting the location of the surrounding architectural elements, Reducing the equipment for people who are walking on it; West Side "It is essential to connect the principle to its decoration to make it simple." The landscape is including advertising advertisements, green, especially architectural work, "said the Dao Ngoc Nghiem architect.

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