Stress, synthetics and allergens, enemies for atopic dermatitis Cuyo Journal


Note. It's a bit in the # 39; A key indicator, which usually appears on the arms and behind the knees, but it can appear anywhere in its position; body too.

Difficulties, food allergies such as egg, milk or soy, poor soap, high temperatures with large heat and wool or synthetic fiber clothing are the most disorders of people with atopic dermatitis (AD), which are often acute to treat , identified by experts

It is a skin disease that causes fertile, infected, infected with disease and is usually considered a childhood condition, because it is a disease; hit between 5% and 20% of children.

Within that age group, between 10% and 40% deliver a bad, & # 39; describes the experts. At least and according to statistics and scientific work, in 3 out of 10 cases the disease continues after its birth, and some people suffering a first sign in the lives of young people. Similarly, a study carried out in the United States in 2016 found that 6 of the adults at the tiny level are poor, the thatching "is intense or inaccurate." "It's a pruritus in a key mark, with a very dry and reactive skin," he explained president of the Argentine Dermatology Association (SAD) Association, Cristina Pascutto.

The specialist explained that the DA was biting both day and night, so that 8 of the 10 patients who are ill-treated. suffer from a moderate or uncomfortable shape of sleeping. "Some people who write themselves sleep or try to sleep. Sometimes the scratch comes from the next room, it is difficult for parents who see their son & # 39; suffering, for example, "said Gabriel Gattolin, president of the school. Society of Artificial Imaging and Clinical Immunology (Aaaeic).

The experts said that AD could adversely affect more than half a & n; body and be prominent in healthy areas such as eyelids, neck, clams, sites, knees and ankles. "This disease will affect daily everyday divisions such as clothing, physical activity, a friend's, and a" touring or more important issues such as a public exhibition or sexual, mental or individual activity, "added Gattolin.

Pascutto also said when the patient gets to his clinic for his / her; The first time she was told that there was any kind of appearance on the respiratory tract, as it is "often" that they are " exhibiting pictures of asthma, rhinoseaus and allergic acne, continuous rhinosinusitis and allergies. Amongst the things that contribute to the emergence of disasters and should be avoided. The SAD gave an emphasis on weight, food allergens (egg, milk, wheat, sausage, peunuts), aeroallergens (dumbbells, herbs, animal epithelii, fungi), skin type clothing, wool fabrics or hot water synthesis threads Avoid avoiding the use of poor adult soap and aggressive cleaners and climate with extreme temperatures, humidity or humidity. With regard to the treatment, Pascutto said that patients who say they are suffering a thatch; regardless of using the topical options available. "The development of new drugs aimed at preventing the spreading processes to open up a promising vision for the future," said the specialist. (Télam)

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