Stromae in Christmas courtship to encourage her small collection


Beauty & Fashion

In memory, behind this anagram of Stroma, we found the tutor himself but also his brother, Luc Junior Tam, and his wife, Coralie Barbier.

Together, they decided to launch a small Christmas collection, with a pair of socks and sugar, but available in 2 colors. As well as being reduced, this collection is not limited because there are only 40 lbs and 100 pairs of socks available. If there is so much copy, it's just because of & # 39; They were made with the remains of the 5 Capsule collection to avoid rubbish.

"We have chosen colors that are different from the classic Christmas line, we wanted to offer something throughout the year while we continue to deliver the free spirit, days with lurex gold and deer like to "look"explains Coralie Barbier, the stylist.

To buy that cloth, the official site of its signature must be dated from 28th November at 17m or in a. A shop that was created for the event from 14th December to 16th, Place Stéphanie in Ixelles.


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