Strong statement from the Anti-Fraud Division Competition Committee


In response to violence from the Board of Directors of Al-Nasr against the Competition Committee, a report was sent to her; The committee decided to suspend its position on the game against Al-Hilal and refused to remove the game before the unit,

The change decision was officially named on the last October 18. Results have been won and worn; Chorr was developed by the Competition Committee, based on what was sent to the Committee with the two clubs and according to their requests and permission.

Badr added that Al Nasr bid for a game with Al Shabab from Saturday (24 November) to Friday (23 November) and dismissed his game with the rubbish from December 1 to December.

Al Hilal has also filed an application for the deletion of his / her game by Friday (30th November) for December 11th, with game on Saturday (8th December) to 7 December, and will stop its game with packets from Thursday (13 December) to December 15.

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The committee confirmed that it had approved the applications of both clubs, as long as Al Hilal's request was refused by sending a match against Al-Nasr for the Al-Wahda opposition game on December 2. Al-Hilal asked for the game to take place on December 12.

The response from the administration came to an effect in the official statement published through the official account of the social networking site of its "Twitter Twitter" club

Indicating that it was influencing the application management for a meeting of the unit by addressing it; club, who was on the Zayed Cup cross-border boundaries for clubs, but the request was rejected directly from the Competition Committee

The statement said that he was surprised by the decision that the teams that were in the " participating away in the same round, which is remarkable to the extent to which Senator Chancellor General Secretary Saud Saudi calls through his official statement to be able to; communication about this meeting

The statement also emphasized the fact that a statement was made; Competition Committee will object to the fact that the board's statement of directors is in fact; club that affects one team in the same round, not to damaging the principle of justice and calling it on board; winning club in justice in competition

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