Strongly injured headaches benefit!


Strong circulation received by the group's fans before the first major football team in the tenth visit of professional Mohammed bin Salman's professional award in front of him; youth club.

Abdullah bin Zanan, spokeswoman and director of the media center at Al-Nasr's club, said the chairman was last received on his / her; Nasser Al-Swailem yesterday club, wants to revive faster.

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"Al-Nasr's Club, Mr Saud bin Mohammed Al-Sweilem, had been severely injured by a knee," Ben Zanan wrote on his official account on Twitter Twitter. "We want to cure his prevention, God is willing."

The beneficiary spokesman did not have more information about the sudden or sudden death of the president and unexpectedly before he started restoring professional league games after he returned from the fury on due to FIFA teams.

And Ghard ibn Znan named president and # 39; winner for cure, saying: "I want to cure and heal the Lord Almighty God, the Lord, the evil
And it will bring you between pay and blessing. "

Agreeers agree to & # 39; Sun Runway with the President who wanted to heal and two ways of safety.

Al Nasr meets Al Shabab in the next round on November 24.

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