Students from Colegio de Independencia refused to read Pàdraig Lemebel


The book "The corner of my heart is" by Pedro Lemebel is part of the third content of language and communication media in Gaelic Grammar school of men San Francisco de Quito (SFQ) of independence

When students learn about their content, reading plan, they refused the copy arguing that the author was "A" solution, In order to describe their generic guidance, according to El Dynamo.

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The youth situation was supported by their own Proxies, who claimed "co-sorting" was happening of their children as a result of reading Lemebel.

As a result of student refusal, the principle, Enrique White, he did vote for free to explain whether they were welcome to be & # 39; Continue reading the book that was supported by the Educational Technical Unit (UTP). Although not won, actions were given to those who wanted to do so.

It was white that the center should pay respect to those who are at the same time. Thinking in a different way, therefore, against criticism of parents, he said "I can not allow students to read a book that they think are not appropriate, with the help of lawyers. "

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The solution given to the tutor team was read by the students "The Keeper Among The Rings" by J. D. Salinger, text that also addresses the sexuality of their youth.

Maoir Independencia, Gonzalo Durán, saying that this program appears incapacity of schools to tackle incidental issues, to ensure that "this controversy was badly damaged, damaged".

"Ask if Lemebel is not read it's brutally ignorant"said Durán.

It should be noted that different teachers from the center have turned to Independence Towns to prevent a different failure in the development of their education project, especially when they are & # 39; dealt with discriminatory situations, machism and xenophobia.

Against the allegations, the Liceo director of San Francisco de Quito men and the adviser, Andrés Tapia, clarified El Elimin "We are a sign of society, we can not say that what's happening in society is not happening here, but we're attacking it."

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