Study: Manage tune tunes by encouraging and generating; Current current electron recording in the brain – (Information)


A new neurostimulator developed by engineers at the University of California, Berkeley, can listen to and current simultaneously stimulate electricity in the brain, which can be done. Provides healthy remedies for patients with diseases such as epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.

The device, known as the WAND, works as a "craftsman for the brain," monitors the brain's electrical activity and his / her; Delivering electricity promotion if you find something rare.

These tools can be effective in preventing the deterioration or admission of patients with a variety of brain problems. But the electronic names that are in advance of an attack or a quench can be very simple, and the frequency and frequency of electricity is as frequent; necessary to prevent them equally. It can take years of small changes by doctors before the best remedies are taken.

WAND, which means a neuromodulation neuromodulation device, both serial and independent, means when you learn how to identify hard or fastening signs, it can change the incentive devices alone to stop the unwanted motions. And because it's closed closed – a & # 39; means that simultaneous inspiration and registration can be changed – these can change in real time.

"The process that detects the right remedy for patients is very expensive and can take years. A significant reduction in both cost and time can be done. Continue to accessibility and accessible accessibility, "said Professor Rikky Muller, electrical engineering and computer science at Berkeley. "We want to enable the equipment to find out the best way to encourage patients with the best results. And you can only do that by listening and & # 39; registering nickname writing. "

WAND can record an electrical activity over 128 channels, or from 128 points in the brain, compared to eight channels in other closed bend systems. To show the device, the WAND team used to identify and delay specific mouse movements in racked macaques. The device is defined in the study that has been published today (December 31) Natural Natural BiologySouth Westerly

Ripples in a pond

At the same time it seems to be encouraging and record electrical signs in the brain trying to see small buckets in lunch and also spinning your legs – the electrical signs of the brain are disturbed by the large gutters of electricity that will be delivered by the stimulus.

At this time, deep brain activists will be able to stop their / record while they are & # 39; Delivering the electrical stimulus, or recording at different parts of the brain from a place where it is located; using the stimulus – in particular to measure the small brackets at a different location in a & # 39; pole from splashing.

"In order to deliver a bubble-based energetic therapies, which is a great focus for people who experience Parkinson's disease and epilepsy and a variety of severe brain problems, it is very important both to record or stimulate noral at the same time, and at the moment there is no single commercial equipment, "said UC Berkeley, former post-graduate Samantha Santacruz, who is now a professor at the Texas University of Austin .

Researchers at Cortera Neurotechnologies, Inc., designed by Rikky Muller, designed the standard WAND integrated circuits that are capable of recording the full signal from the subtle brain waves and the strong electric lumps. This quick design allows WAND to remove the signal from the electric quizzes, resulting in a clear signal from the brain waves.

The current tools are in relation to recording signals only from the smaller brain waves and the large promotional chips are scrapped, and # 39; making these reconstruction marks vital.

"Because we are able to promote and record in the same brain division, we know exactly what happens when we provide treatment," said Muller.

In conjunction with the works of engineering engineering engineering and computer expert Jan Rabaey, the team built a platform device with a wireless accounting capability and a closed loop which could be used for a number of clinical research and applications.

In tests with the leadership of Santacruz and postdoc at UC Berkeley, and engineering professor and computer science Jose Carmena, subjects were taught to use a passwords to move a cursor to a particular place. After a training period, the WAND device was able to find the stunning writings that emerged as the objects that were ready to make the move, and then delayed the transmission of an electronic stimulus to its & # 39; move.

"Although revitalization is going on something that was previously shown, this is our knowledge, the first time it was shown in a closed loop system based on recording German only, "said Muller.

"In the future we aim to bring learning into the closed bend platform to build prestigious devices that can help you to cure you , and removal of the doctor from trying to make a transition in this process, "said Muller.

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