Stunned by a 10-year-old wedding, 8


The girlfriend and the age of 8 are arguments about social media, but some say that there is a communication event for two children, the official marriage will be held. when both are grown up.

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Recently, a wedding in the town of Craiova, Romania, has caused its community to fight because the groom is only 10 years old and the bride is 8. The wedding begins with a song by singer Alex de la Caracal.

A 8-year-old wedding bride has a & # 39; pick up the huge pink dress that everyone is carrying on. At the same time, the groom dance to the tune of the song. One minute later Alex told the bridegroom,Put the toys out, today you married"

The bride is 10 years old and the bride is 8 years old.The bride is 10 years old and the bride is 8 years old.

There is a marriage for illegal people in Romania, and even four years ago, Roma commanders announced if any issues were found out to the police. However, there is no response from the Diaspora community as well as the authorities.

A social network user called Don Vochin says that this is not a real marriage, but a two-children communication service, so that both the family and the "bride and groom" can plan for the future. The wedding will be kept when the couple grow up.

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