Subaru cars are among the most trusted in the world. This is proof! –


Up to 97% of the Subaru vehicles that have been carried out in the last ten years have yet to drive.

Jerner "Jerry" Jung, the first generation of the Funeral model, bought a solid musician, and still goes to 1998. It would not be interesting if Jerry had been unable to stretch more than 1,000,000 kilometers without a disaster on his linear car. In two decades, her car lost at all, just opposite! Subaru has used a variety of uses on both roads. Accordingly, care is particularly important: "I always wanted to keep up on a regular basis. Today there are about 70% of the original components in the car. "

Foaru Forester 1 mile. mph

Jerry was also praised by President and CEO of Foaru Europe Masamichi Kudo: "Enjoy Jerry's news on this milestone, and we're glad he has taken the Subaru as well. Forester with over a million kilometers of millennium other proof of our car's life. They are required to & # 39; last for a long time. " Subaru has gained a reputation by creating hard cars that have been a huge success. affecting the environment and the time. Over 97% of Subaru cars that have been sold in Europe over the last 10 years have still been moved.

Foaru Forester 1 mile. mph

The musician, reinforced by the success of his first Subaru the third generation of the Serge, who has already reached more than 150,000 kilometers, has also been received for years. We believe Jerry can achieve the same success with a newer model in recent years.

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