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Subaru also needs to deal with faster boundaries faster. Help with & # 39; An extraordinary version of Crosstur, Subaru XV is known. However, it's only for the US. However, in electricity mode, only 27 km can handle it.

Hybrid Subaru Crosstrek gets ...

Hybrid Subaru Crosstrek e got it
mask a special radiator with red and blue strokes in the re-fitted
LED Flashing.
Author: Subaru

Subaru is not fully innovated in the field of tanks. In 2014, he said
X Crosstrek is the first complex model of some of the markets. In comparison
With the competitiveness, however, this version of Impreza was only available
The help engine in a CVT transcript with a small yield of 10 kW.
Today, we would say it's unhappy. But this is not enough for the future. Pressure
rapidly moving transmissions and electricity is the same way
comply with deeper levels. Especially if Subaru escapes from a mystery
diesel engines.

That's why he has earlier stated that he has the new SGP platform (Subaru
Global Platform, featuring the new Impreza and Crossover XV (Crosstrek),
to count electrical components installation. And then there were several
dual concepts. For example, Subaru VIZIV-2, but has never been in the series
Got. But at the beginning of the year the garden revealed that it was improving its & # 39; first time
plug-in hybrid. And because the developmental capacities are relatively small Japanese
BBC. You can change your settings at any time

The StarDrive dual-fuel system composes ...

made up of a two-liter dashboard, CVT carrier box and two
electric Motors. One in the Signal post and the other in post
main electric motors for electric drives.


The result is Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid. Despite cooperating with Toyota
but do not look for a recognized system from Prius PHEV or RAV4 under its hood.
Crosstrek will preserve the classic Underaru concept, and # 39; including the long term
straight-fitting device – two-liter and a
Lineronic linear CVT carrier box. These two people complete their & # 39; couple
Many StarDrive electricity. One is a beginning and a generator
battery collision, and the other, probably located in the garden box
traction engine for driving in clean electricity, and at the same time
re-start brake energy.

The inside contains blue decorated accents, but ...

The inside is blue
decorative rods, but in particular an instrumental panel used for the two tanks
driving system. The current power signal will replace the speed distance and
Author: Subaru

Unfortunately, Subaru has not yet published any technical pattern.
We do not know the power or ability to install liquor batteries
share baggage. For those who were the ones; from Prius PHEV, they can not
8.8 kWh. This also corresponds to the approximate hydrocarbon range of the fuel
Crossturk, just 27 kilometers away. Thanks to this, Subaru says that he is spending it accordingly
US hardest status at 3.1 liters per 100 km. electricity
the method can be used at a speed of 105km / h. Low fuel consumption
should stand for an extended time of 772 km. This is also due to returning.
Crosstrek is initially plugged with a & # 39; generator and then brakes. that's all
True to everything the car maker said

By installing batteries, it has decreased significantly ...

A battery pack installation
He reduced his portfolio greatly. This is why Subaru has only a total of 1,222
Letters after removing backbacks.
Author: Subaru

Driving the two Symmetrical AWD holes has changed unchanged. Torque distribution
So the four wheels are still mechanical and added
o X-Method for the land and control of its northern headquarters; hill. on & # 39;
Asphalt, the driver will select the Drive-IR selector between the Intelligent and Sport modes.
The first is a & # 39; position the driving system to achieve the lowest possible level
spend while the other is a focus on dynamics. The vector is a vector
torch in passing the way Crossterk got from the goose
Subaru WRX.

The clear level was still preserved. But new ...

The clear level was still preserved.
But new wheels are 18 inches in black and silver. He is lost at the back
table with Plug-in Hybrid.
Author: Subaru

You can recognize the bell Hybrid Crosstalk, thanking the blue accent on his face
and reflectors, Plug-in Plug-in plates on the ambulances and back ages, and so on
special 18-inch wheel drive. In addition, there is a new blue version
Lacquer lag Blue. Blue decoration is also above the inside, for example in the form
a sewing of leather seats or a # 39; preservation printing.
The Starlink Infotainment with an 8-inch scroll will capture Crosstrek Hybrid
from common versions. The difference is not just the performance indicator and revival
which replaces a & # 39; Classic casual speed in the instrument panel.

A full set of supportive systems, including those devolution, are also ready
brakes, proper travel control, current drive, previous warnings
Across carriages when you go; move or move the remote mode
LED changing agents. Owners can enjoy the heating too
seats or gutters of windflakes and wind-glass burners. These elements are
series. It is likely that the floor will be introduced at the upcoming car display
in Los Angeles. The sale should start early next year. yet
but only to the US market.

Crosstrek Hybrid -

Crosstrek Hybrid -

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