Subscription fees are open for 533 jobs in the Fleet


Records for the Electoral Service for Sgurr (SMV-PR) election process are already open and will go to December 11. Men and women with more basic level courses that apply to vocational education of Initial and Continuous Worker Training (C-FIC) and medium / technology can be implemented. Registration fee is $ 75.00 and payments can be made up to December 21.


With a salary of approximately R $ 2,320 (for the basic level and C-FIC) and R $ 3,388 (for a standard / technical level) with more, these applicants are special sailors and Cabos da Marinha for Brazil (Temporary MB)

After completing all stages of the selection process and passing through the Technical Efficiency Level (EAT) or Technical Grade for Ceramics (ETP), a link that can be updated annually and can reach eight years . These Squares form part of the 2nd Marine Reserve Group (RM2).

About the key requirements

In addition to completing the basic level, C-FIC or middle / technical, those candidates must be older than 18 years old and who comply with civil and military duties , among other requirements set out in the Call Specification.

See the areas considered in 2018

There were more than 500 vacancies involved in this election process. These are: Administration, Hospital Administration, Accounting, Buildings, Electrotechnology, Nursing, Marine Structures, Pharmacy, Graphic, Fitness, Mechanics, Mechanics, Metal, Motors, Driver, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pathology Clinical Use, Data, Dental Prosthesis , Chemistry, Medical Physiology and Telecommunications.

Levels of election process

Candidates make essential evidence of Portuguese and Naval Military training, with 25 questions for each. The booklet is set out in the Cooperation Information.

Following the intellectual probationary level, the following complementary events: Life Data Confirmation (VDB); Document Confirmation (VD); Health Check (S); Certification of Physical Health Titles and Testing (TAF), do this by doing so; Swim for 25 meters long in the time of 50 seconds for men and one minute for women.

The other race is the race, with a course of 2,400 meters to be done in 16 minutes with men and 17 minutes for women.

How to put it in

Interested parties should go into the site Getting into the Navy, click on "Voluntary Arms Service ", select the Navy Area as they would like to compete and go to; access their registration connection and the separate Connsachaidh Forum.

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