Successful humorism was hit by the audience by & # 39; face punching & # 39; Recreation


Contact her actress, Chien Thang, that he was very tired when the facts about stir Spectators "main" male comedy who; blacksmith suffers.

"He wants to stop acting on a few occasions when this young man runs up and down the stage to stop it, and to grow the stomach in front of all the audiences Everyone who was present at night was disturbing him. The ferryman reminded him of the third time. I do not know the situation, but I Thinking when audiences are changing, the listeners can be very happy, so the conflict between the two sides, "- said the actor, Chien Thang.

After the fight between the bodyguard and the audiences mentioned above, actress Chien Thang stopped and walked back. "I'm sorry that this event has affected the spectators of the show that night. Everyone is not allowed to look at both theatrical and emotional images. I am grateful to spectators, "added Chien Thang.

Prior to the information, Chien Thang's supernatural for the protection agency was given to the audience, he stressed not to be associated with this event and did not ask him directly to the physical or popular BTC . "I usually used to drive only to the areas and I do not have a behavioral group. I have nothing to do to protect my body The listeners, despite the hard work, I always thought of behaviors. Even when I play, I 'm a & # 39 ; sing, but there are audiences trying to drink alcohol, but I need to be quick to refuse. Many cases of oops "- Chien Thang shared.

Impact Comedy With the special social networking event, BTC does not know whether or not to exchange it. "I think this is a private business between the organizers and the young people. I'm not related to that, they do not call me right," explained Chien Thang.

Earlier on November 19, facts revealed that Facebook's photos shot against injuries and actress, Chien Thang, for his defensive body to hit after he went on to photograph with the artist. Along with this, he was "threatening" to pay grain "and was at risk of killing Victory's supernatural.

In addition, the social network also spreads fragments of the bone between a group of men and a young man when the actress plays; standing on the platform. Then the program had to be stopped and the actor, Chien Thang, came back as he was divided.

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