Sudan Economy – Khartoum Fitting names the supply of petroleum products


Khartoum's harmonization has shown that about 60% of the needs of petroleum products are provided, indicating that the increase in production is related to the increase in the poor. The day-making is about (3) thousands of gasoline and (4.800) tonnes of gasoline, and (700) tons of heavy jazz, and a thousand tonnes of coal and petrol, as well as (250 tonnes of air fuel. She explained that the herring works 45,000 barrels of coarse Nile mixing and 29,000 barrels of severe hardness at a time when it consolidated the normal workflow. It is worth mentioning that the plan is the Ministry of Oil and Gas during the period (2019_2022 m) aims to increase the production of oil areas to provide poor needs to meet the need for sketches. Attached

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