Sudan's regulatory governance is benefiting from a ' negotiate devolution as a dispute against the government


Autocrats, even those opposing the opposition, have been assisted by the Sudan Republic's regime, Omar al-Bashir, after a month and a half of the anti-government campaigns ; continue through bread prices, and decades of corrosion and damage.

The United Arab Emirates, who was doing a & # 39; issue in 2013 in Egypt and supporting mid-European dinners, at $ 300m (£ 228 million) in loans and more than 1.12 million tonnes of fuel until the Bashir regime was excavated.

Analyzing travel documents, the security service of Ukraine named Last week, Russia has been issuing officers from the GRU military information agency to the Sudan, as activists have been announcing traders from the Kremlin contractor, Wagner, to be involved in the & # 39; banned.

In the past days Mr Bashir visited Qatar and Egypt, and it is expected that he will travel to Kuwait, winning offers of diplomatic and financial support for its 30-year management. Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as Russia, have given diplomatic and financial support to the government, which challenges peaceful showers who are in the process of being able. Raising democratic ambitions will raise the Arab Spring 2011 and state that Mr Bashir is a " go down.

It was anticipated that more government anti-Sudanese shows on Tuesday afternoon, scheduled for Khartoum and other cities. The day has been known as the "march of the martyrs", which marks the 14th anniversary of the massacre of activists in Port Sudan

Sudan men are shouting during a campaign against the government on January 18 (AFP / Getty Images)

He spoke with Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi when he visited Cairo on Sunday Mr. Bashir was a damages to & # 39; emphasizing the unnamed parties, social and social media for the elimination of their country.

"We do not have a problem that has no problem, but it does not show the size or dimensions that some media show," he said: "This is an attempt to Copying of the Arab Spring in Sudan. These are the only slogans and appeals and the very extensive use of social media sites. "

Sudan has a different relationship with regional leaders, and has been for many years associated with Iran. But in recent years he has made better links with Saudi Arabia, especially after the military distribution of military personnel to help with the Yemen attempt.

"Arab leaders do not know what they would like to see in the Sudan but they do not want to see anarchy on their door," said Ahmed Soliman, an expert in Sudan and African horn, at Chatham House.

"They are more comfortable with a military regime than with their uncertainty of the interim interventions in Sudan."

Rally marchors at the government in Khartoum (Reuters)

Many democracy advocates were hoping that the Arab Rising of Spring 2011 would give rise to the political class of the area and that it would bring some measure of diversity into dominant political systems in the second half of the 20th century with military dancers and full monarchs.

But Mr Bashir's overall support is the latest signal that informal and informal autonomy of autonomous and hereditary rulers were to disrupt the air against any democratic movement. Regulators show a great deal of awareness that the promotion of the Arab Spring has been stimulated by the removal of a Tunisian leader Tunisia, which is similar to Sudan. live on the political and geographical edge of the Arab world, and they intend to stop repetition.

The wide-ranging regional show of support for Mr Bashir is coming to play; despite strings of hostility throughout the Middle East. Egypt and Sudan are still in danger of the use of the River Nile. Turkey and Qatar are the informal axis of the opposition against a number of regional issues to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Russia has a reluctance, although every country in the area is hostile.

"It is an eye on Sudan trying to balance regional divisions at a time that enhances regional illnesses," said Mr Soliman. "It shows Bashir has been familiar with the balance of these relationships when it's hard to do."

Catar, who submitted a $ 4bn agreement for the Port Mara Ruaidh in Suakin in the Sudan, last year, hosted Mr Bashir last week, and gave him a meeting with the ruler Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in Doha, where the "current economic crisis" debate is currently familiar with Sudan and Sudan to get out of the crisis, and the place of brothers in general, and Catar in particular, to help Sudan, "according to Minister Alime Dùthaich, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed.

Saudi Arabia has also given unbiased money. Saudi trade and investment minister Majid Al-Qasabi traveled to Khartoum last week to ensure that Riyadh "was not in support of Sudan at any time."

Sudan was withdrawn from its oil wealth when the South Sudan Republic sank in 2011 after a civil war of ten years.

Russia and Turkey have offered support that includes fuel and wheat. Reuters said there was an oil minister in Sudan Azhari Abdel Qader says, describing Russian and Turkish support: "We accepted him as a normal issue between friendly nations according to the current conditions Sudan is going through. "

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