Sudeban directs the work of the electronic pay system


The Superintendency of Banking Institutions (Sudeban) held an ongoing Monday meeting with representatives from the Venezuelan Central Bank, Credicard Partnership, Car Operators and interbank networks with the aim of monitoring the plans defined to address increased activity in order of year.

In addition, evaluate the operation of the electronic pay system in order to take advantage of companies that are authored by the steering group.

In this regard, ask the banking centers and the charter organizations to expand and consolidate the search schemes to ensure they are in a position; cover all available pay channels and thus hinder the impacts that affect the technology platform, said the press release. .

Among the actions set out by banking centers, card-workers and interbank networks include the upgrading of the main computers and electronic bank platforms (surveys, analysts, databases); more processing and storage capacity, updating the operating system; restoring security equipment and implementation of emergency plans.

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