Suez vs Sde: The Minster meeting on Hydro was canceled


Both Suez and Sde are keeping their spirits up. The meeting which was to become the framework for the Ministry of Watering was postponed at the last minute. For a good reason, the offer made by three tenderers, Suez, Véolia and Sde, presented themselves to the evaluation committee, made by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economy and Finance; , the committee of management committee of the leadership, the Ministry of Investment, national independent experts, to review the same files as already assessed.

Once the corrections ordered by the Armp have been made, the assessment report will be submitted to the Purchasing Purchasing Steering Group (DCMP) for complaints. It is then announced that the provisional distribution will be published, with the opportunity to appeal to companies in a competition. "These gracious and controversial appeals follow the same procedure before they return to the Regulatory Commission for Public Procurement that can confirm the provisional allocation or request a new assessment of the proposals," said Rfm.

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