Suffering Stephen Hillenberg, who created the vibrant series of Sponge Bob Square Pants


American animator Stephen Hillenberg, who created the lively series "Sponge Bob Square Pants", died at 57 years after a long struggle with ill-health.

"We are sorry to say that Stephen Hillenberg, Sponge Bob's Square Pants, died today. We will spend a minute of tranquility in memory of his life and career," tweeted from the Nickelodeon channel , a & # 39; broadcasting SpongeBob lively series since 1999.

"His unique characters and the Bikini world will still remember the value of hope, friendship and incomplete imagination of power," said the television channel in a statement.

According to Variety, a disease to & # 39; A leading spiral system – side-to-side side sclerosis, which continues to paralysis; in the cause of special diversity death. As Hillenberg himself said, the illness was confirmed in March last year. In this case, keep my browser working, despite bad illness.

Stephen Hillenberg was born in August 1961 in Oklahoma. From 1984 to 1987, he worked as a marine marine scientist and even taught at Ocean Ocean Institute.

Stephen Hillenberg

In 1987, Hillenberg decided to search for his old times – animation. He killed several short films, two of them, The Green Beret and Wormholes, had many good reviews and won several awards.

In the early 90s, the animator animator, representative and American photographer Joe Murray, who invited Hillenberg to participate in his new project, featured the lively "New Life Rocco" series. Stephen agreed and eventually became the author of the script, the producer, director of the storyboard and creative director of the animation show.

So long as he was working on New Life Rocco, Hillenberg made friends with American comedian Tom Kenney, who became a voice on his. The main character in the lively series about Bikini Bottom residents, Sponge Bob, as well as future exhibitors, Doug Lawrence, Paul Tibbit and many other Vice-

The creator started the animated series that loved her to think of a new project in 1996. It focused on a sponge, which, as will be known later, originally like a sea creature. At the end, Hillenberg changed his shape to a square, because he thought it would be so fun.

In 2004, after creating a lively full-time "Sponge Bob Square Pants" film, Hillenberg asked for his position as director, but did not leave the series, but He became an active producer.

The "Sponge Bob Square Pants" series at various times became a winner of many television awards, including two Emmy awards, 12 and Kids Choice Awards and two BAFTA Children's Awards. In November 2018, the broadcast of the 12th project season began. According to its right, two long-lived films were killed, and the third was set up for 2020.

Recalling November 26, after a long illness, the cult director Bernardo Bertolucci, who is the movies on the list of the most skilful cinema in the world, has died.

A few days before this, the well-known spokesman and actor Ricky Jay had died in the United States in the 73th anniversary of his life.

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