Suffering the two healthy River Casualties ahead of the Argentine Cup game against galaxies


While I'm & # 39; wait Control of the Disciplinary Court of Conmebol the future Light Cloud of the Cup Libertadores, The The River try to focus on a game against her against Athletics for the semi-round Argentine Cup. Mar del Plata is the place for the meeting. And, in the last, Marcelo Gallardo got bad news: suffered two serious injuries against the attack.

The medical party says that Rodrigo Mora suffers from synovitis in a & # 39; right chrom, the only man he made necrosis. Y Juan Fernando Quintero was also left out of the payroll as a result of suppressing muscles in the left calf. Although none of the two were dating from the game José María Minella, represents a fair choice for the Doll.

Thinking about the Superfinal, It could be a debate about 8 or 9 December, Gallardo can keep away from strike. Le Bharraigh is hanged and how the bad abuse is unusual, we need to see a growth on Ignacio Scocco, who lost her; First leg due to discomfort in the right calf.

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