Suffering to & # 39; getting older with HIV drugs


MEXICO (Notimex) .- In mice surveys, a group of scientists said that there was a drug against Human Purity Virus (HIV) It will significantly reduce the shooting of older age and signs that grow older.

Reiterated by Brown University, This study is promising for age-related disorders, including Alzheimer's &

The research incorporated scientists from that center, in collaboration with experts from the universities of New York, Rochester, Montreal, as well as the University of Virginia University of Medicine and the Leiden University Medical Center in the Low Countries

John Sedivy, professor of medical sciences and biology, explained that this product could also be useful for surveys too Type 2, Parkinson's, Arthritis and Macular degeneration, among others.

How it works

Age-related east is an important part of the problems associated with old age.

The specialist found that anti-HIV drugs work with an activity stop back (which describes DNA lines capable of replicating and moving to other places) in old cells.

This process is related to retroviruses that can give themselves copies of DNA, when left on their behalf, into other parts of cell genome.
As cell age, retrotransposons can escape from control, there is a detailed investigation.

The scientific team showed that a class was an important part of lines called L1, which escaped from the control of the nails and began to replicate in old cells in the mice. They also indicated that, when the L1 is reported, an anti-virus protection response, called a response interferon, causing a leap in the nearby cells.

An retrotransposons They are present in all kinds of knitting fabrics, which make "suspect" of an ancient cell company, Sedivy explained.

The drug researchers faced HIV against mice (the lamivudine, in general against HIV) and said they were adversely affected, so they explained that although L1 is implemented extremely late in an independent way, a response between Movement must be the responsibility of the age-related stream.

"With 26-month-old mice treatment (approximately equivalent to 75-year-olds) with lamivudine, for two weeks, reduced the evidence of an answer to night and blow," they said.

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