Šufliarsky 418 a message by Kočner, to talk about media complaints (more sms) – N t


The Solicitor General, Deputy Solicitor Peter Šufliarsky, commented on TV TA3 that he and his coach sent 418 exchange messages. At the same time, he demonstrated their communication to the television and also built a small section off it (end of text messages).

Šufliarsky and Kočner also discussed his media complaints that are Šufliarsky (with journal .týždeň), or as Kočner asked him, but Šufliarsky said that he did not. He still refuses to retire and is awaiting a decision by the Solicitor General Jaromír Čižnár.

The news published in the TA3 and Matovič talk about opening lichens. The reasons for this are not clear, but having taken over Kočner last year they did a Kočner tour, they found the Gorilla album safe, and a record of Kočner's interview with Dobroslav Trnka.

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