Suggest balmation-lemon balm tea to stop smoking!


According to the data World Health Organization, 14.5 million 252 thousand children and adults using cigarettes in Turkey. Around 83,000 people die annually due to non smoking reasons. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), while 37.3 per cent of the men in Turkey reported that there are 10.7 of them; cent of women smoked.

According to DHA; the situation of the world is not different. The OECD figures also show that tobacco use causes at least 6 million deaths per annum worldwide, and of the 600,000 people who are suffering from tobacco; suffering suffering from alcohol every year. The most amazing thing is that 75% of suffocating smokers are women and children.

However, awareness raising and exclusion initiatives have reduced the consumption of cigarettes, although not enough in the last 20 years. Anti-Smoking of the Turkish Association (tSSda) based on information found that the number of people who have been smoking in the last 20 years has been a 10 million reduction.


In this way, Turkey on 9 February Neo-unwanted Association Anti-Smoking Day (tSSda) who hosted an event with a & # 39; dietician and expert nutrition Dr. Ender Sarac, advised people who want to stop smoking.

"Who wants to stop smoking first looks in the mirror. A soft consultation with him," I'm doing badly about cancer, heart attack, earthquake, male or female. Ender Sarac, "Then when you decide to simply leave melissa and mix a mixture of tea. It will set up the scary system and help it By throwing toxin 3-4 cups of melissa every day, they should drink a sheep's tea. Then they should take their fun in the form of advice.


Dr. Ender Sarac continued his words as follows: "We must accept that the person who smokers purchases his own money with self-destruction, heart attack, high blood pressure , cruel piers and strokes. Incidental damage to smoking is also considered. In women, it is very common in women. Indeed, the baby tube is now very common .

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