Suggested that a Technical Advisory Team would be able to; Prime Minister


Explanation of & # 39; This is a statement, Tran Manh Cuong, Technical Director of Vietnam Pay-Party Shareholding Company (VNPay), said a "solution" solution of legal policy technology solutions was necessary. There must be a quick change to keep up with the development, & # 39; create settings for businesses. "Because the technology is rapidly growing but the law is vaguely, it is not upheld in technology initiatives," said Cuong.

A legal place must be completed

The problems faced by initiatives are clearly mentioned in the "Business Revolution 4.0 and new technologies in Vietnam" led by the Media Institute for Economic Leadership. Dang Quang Vinh, Deputy Director of Business and Competitive Environment (CIEM) said that some emerging businesses have emerged in the market with strong growth rates, even "destructive" traditional businesses.

Vinh, although the lawsuit between Vinasun and Grab has not come to an end, market car rental through technology applications & New names appear always like Aber, Go-Ixe, Fastgo, T.NET. In an online registration field, notwithstanding the legitimate framework of Vietnam but an online site still exists; Airbnb (16,000 rooms), Luxstay (10,000 rooms), Uhom, Mystay. The type of loan of peers has not appeared in Vietnam since 2016 with about dozens of companies such as huydongSouth Westerlycom, Tima, SHA, Mobivivi … but the legal "gap" is still big.

"So many new businesses need to go through Singapore to set up a business and return to Vietnam's business and investment to overcome the obstacles associated with the problem. It is legal not to & # 39; call business opportunities, "Vinh said.

So, here is the case, according to Mr Vinh, that the State should cooperate with businesses to capture information, build the essential fundamental framework, and create a terrestrial route for business and a limited risk for its & # 39; societies. At the same time, add the business rules inappropriately quickly, and publish new rules or basic framework exams.

Time "fast fish to swallow slow fish"

Return to Cuong's recommendation for a Technology Advisory Group; Prime Minister, he suggested that the interaction between state and non-governmental organizations is not only weak in the middle of the State and in initiatives but also in both sides between initiatives and the State.

"There is a need for a channel for inter-business transactions between the businesses and the state so that we can access and understand the impact of specific laws such as tourism, traffic, etc. for the start, productive product development," said Cuong.

Phan Vinh Quang, former director of the Private Mekong Divisional Support Initiative (MBI), said that it is not possible to ban Vietnam's overseas businesses from setting up businesses because the "big fish" moves and converts to the time at "fast fish to swallow slow fish".

"As far as outdoor businesses are there, we can not take pride in the center." In the Business Version 4.0, not just a business & business race; Yes, that's a government race. We need to store new business models, innovative and innovative business models, "Vinh said.

More specifically, according to experts from the MBI, the fact is that the old model is the new technology that is in place, the method is not tricky, even though the new business model "has been debated," it does not come to an end. "If we do not have an aggressive fight, the wave of" foreign enterprises "will start, the quality of the service will not go up to other countries in the region and we will lose a market share," Phan Vinh Quang hit. strong.

Nguyen Viet Bang, director of the Center for Development Research (VNPT) said that the company had to remove 18-20% of the studio's revenue from its customers. Supply provider from abroad. With the annual room bringing up to thousands, the money paid to businesses in the 6-7 year period is huge.

"If Vietnam's businesses can go into this market, there is no need for an external cash flow," said Bang.

So, in order to solve the situation "most of the hard of self-limitation," according to Nguyen Thi Tue Anh, former CIEM director, Vietnam needs to make progress in thinking, a & # 39; break the traditional thinking style. Keep up with the change of science, technology and innovation.

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